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a Lutheran theologian in Germany (1884-1976)

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Another example of a biblical scholar whose writings helped to undercut Jesus' ties to Judaism is Rudolf Bultmann.
LONDON -- Zenergy Power (LSE:ZEN), the superconductor energy technology company, is pleased to announce that it has, in conjunction with its industrial partner Bultmann GmbH, received a further order for a Magnetic Billet Heater ('MBH'); taking the total number of units sold in the past six months to three.
15) In particular, Ratzinger opposes the development in Protestant theology whereby Bultmann and his followers erected an antithesis between eschatology and history.
One from 1977-1978 is still well worth reprinting; it refuted definitively the thesis (of Rudolf Bultmann and Ernst Kasemann, among others) that in the earliest days of Christianity many prophetic utterances moved easily into the Jesus tradition and were grouped with sayings of the earthly Jesus.
Hammann sets Bultmann into the cultural and political environment of his life, from his birth in 1884 till his death in 1976.
The great 20th-century Bible scholar Rudolf Bultmann put it this way: "After Jesus' death and resurrection, the preacher became the preached.
Rudolph Bultmann especially (and typically for theologians of his time) hoped to distance logos from memra, or any Jewish echo at all, even coming to the conclusion that Christianity "very quickly distanced itself from its distinctively Jewish matrix and from a characteristically Jewish Jesus.
His keen intellect allowed him to see through to the problem areas in the thinking of theologians and philosophers as diverse as Kant and Barth, Bultmann and Cobb, Descartes and Schleier-macher.
Hellenistic Christ cult,' a notion no longer acceptable now that the agenda associated with Rudolf Bultmann (Jesus and Paul) and the older pattern of early Christian development (Palestinian to Hellenistic) have been discredited" (p.
For instance, he shares a distrust of reason with Bultmann and Barth.
Bultmann classifies this story as one of biographical apophthegms, which is also "a controversy dialogue of a sort".
The source of the notes on the Luther talks, given during a seminar directed by Rudolf Bultmann, is not given and the text is not scheduled for publication in the German Collected Works (p.
There is another competing language preferred by Martin Luther, Karl Barth, and Rudolph Bultmann, which is "dialectical language.
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