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a Lutheran theologian in Germany (1884-1976)

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Bultmann is right in thinking that humankind does not want supernatural powers to interfere in history.
And again, to verify Newman's observation on the question of miracles and God's power to intervene in human history, Bultmann not only states that miracles are historically impossible, but accordingly the divine power in history is undesirable.
He begins with Benedict de Spinoza and ends with John Webster, and includes landmark contributions from Strauss, Kierkegaard, Troeltsch, Barth, Bultmann, Pope Pius XII (Divino afflante spiritu), Ebeling, de Lubac, Childs, Elisabeth Schiissler Fiorenza, and Paul Ricoeur.
BULTMANN, 2005 for reindeer lichen stands in the understorey of pine forests; MARSTALLER, 2006 for the bryophyte vegetation of the Rhytidiadelphion squarrosi Waldheim 1944).
Bultmann, after seeking to strip Paul of his theological and cultural mythos, explains human psychology in terms, says Dunson, of "two fundamental categories: the individual before (personal) faith, and the individual after (personal)
Sixty-two is not an especially impressive number given the size of Bultmann's corpus, but Schulz shows that Kierkegaard's influence on Bultmann is even more significant at an implicit level.
Hammann sets Bultmann into the cultural and political environment of his life, from his birth in 1884 till his death in 1976.
Rudolf Karl Bultmann (20 August 1884 - 30 July 1976) was a German Lutheran theologian and professor of New Testament at the University of Marburg.
Rudolph Bultmann once described our sacred writers as people who had glimpses of the "other side," but wrote for people "on this side.
Como a obra heideggeriana, sobretudo o projeto de Ser e tempo, se determinou por meio de contatos que o proprio Heidegger teve com a escola teologica de Marburg, quando trabalhou na Universidade de Marburg ao lado, dentre outros, de Rudolf Bultmann, o eminente biblista do seculo XX?
Las dos publicaciones mas recientes aparecidas en espanol--y de las que hare una breve presentacion al final-- son las lecciones de 1940/41, Ejercitacion en el pensarniento filosofico, y la correspondencia mantenida entre Bultmann y Heidegger, dos de las grandes figuras del pensamiento aleman del siglo XX.
Attempts to show connections with Rahner are shaky, and with Kung or even with Bultmann are unjustified.
Modern theologians such as Rudolf Bultmann and ecclesiastical liberals such as the late Bishop James Pike have gone this route, thereby evacuating not just the Old Testament of meaning by reducing its content to myth, but also destroying the New Testament gospel by demythologizing Jesus' ministry and existentially dehistoricizing Jesus' words and work.
Bultmann looked up in surprise, came around his desk, looked at Jonas and a package he carried that clearly contained a book--which had been given to him to deliver.
explores the thought and impact of theologians Rudolf Bultmann and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, their methods of biblical interpretation and how they expressed their research in their writings, preaching, and teaching, as well as connections and differences between the two.