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Synonyms for bulrush

tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down

tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America

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The botanist added that these plants are more tolerant of oil than any other but it is too soon to estimate how much oil is too much for the delta bulrushes.
Schuyler says it is too soon to estimate how much oil is too much for the delta bulrushes.
Walk along the boardwalk through tall bulrushes and reed beds or through a fine broad-leaved woodland seeing a variety of birds, also foxes grey squirrels and many other animals may be seen in their natural habitat.
In the future, the Park Service may have to reseed and replant willows, cattails, and bulrushes in the absence of tamarisk to prevent soils from washing away.
Water laps the banks and bulrushes gently sway in the shallows.
THE SMALL estuary pub in Tuckenhay was picture postcard idyllic the evening we went there in late summer: weeping willows and dragonflies, a couple of old rowing boats amongst bulrushes.
Oh - have the bulrushes (Typha latifolia) seeded - yet another nightmare in the making, but such a pleasing structural plant.
Some used flooded, off-channel habitats with timber, bulrushes, and reed-canary grass, including a tributary, the Vermillion River.
In the Ten Commandments, she found Moses in the bulrushes and, in Spartacus, she is one of the aristocratic women, who stirs the slave rebellion by her enthusiasm for gladiators fighting to the death.
Snipers were active in the area so his return journey had to be made along a two-foot wide path the sappers had cleared through the bulrushes.
Months of water and milk and ache and I am pushing it all through the sunlight, the bulrushes coated in pitch.
In these two wetland cells constructed with compressed clay soil at the floor of cells and the plants were bulrushes, the reduction removal in cell I was related to plant absorption and short circuiting.
6) Top plants to consider include: marsh marigold with yellow flowers, bog arum with white flowers, miniaturereed-mace, perfect for those who love bulrushes but don't have the space, water forget-me-not with stunningly pretty pale blue flowers, and bog iris with its rich purple blooms.
What kind of Prime Minister hides in the bulrushes as his country faces its biggest financial crisis in years - a crisis he was not only warned about time and time again, but one which he facilitated by allowing the spending boom to happen.
Outside details include pond with water garden of bulrushes, irises - and a duck house.