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Synonyms for bulrush

tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down

tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America

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He prefers diverse beds with a mixture of hardstem bulrushes and other plant species.
Seed dormancy break and germination of three globally important wetland bulrushes: Guidance for restoration of Bolboschoenus maritimus, Schoenoplectus acutus, and S.
Given the recurrent nature of fires in the wetland areas of Peru's central coast and given the bulrush responsiveness, controlled fires could be considered suitable activities for use as part of the management of bulrushes. However, it should also be remembered that fauna may be affected by fire (Knapp et al2009), and therefore it is essential that further complementary studies be undertaken in order to evaluate this scenario over a longer period.
Staff members from Waveney Rush walk bulrushes along the River Waveney after they were harvested from the river bank at Homersfield in Suffolk.
Brenda Sutton, Hampshire: Try kingcups, reeds - but not bulrushes as they take over- and a lily - but not the big white one as it's too vigorous.
A vertical song over the earth sighs, "It is a long way to jasmine, ever the fir climbs." Next are the children in the bulrushes, waving colorful flags.
Wandering along neat paths through this peaceful marshy area, with reeds and bulrushes, takes the visitor back thousands of years.
Mr Pearson said two developments stand out -- The Bulrushes, Boldon, and the award-winning Merchant Court, Monkton Business Park, Hebburn -- though there is now limited choice for occupiers.
Incredibly, the lm showing was biblical epic e Ten Commandments - featuring a sprawling story of Moses, placed, as a baby, in a basket and left in bulrushes.
Elmer and a friend saw a few handfuls of greenheads sitting in a slough full of bulrushes and decided to quietly jump the drakes.
Contributors of these essays start with unpacking the story of Moses in the bulrushes and progressing to stories of trial and quest (for example, Jason and the theft of the golden fleece), myth and monstrosity (Perseus and Medusa), the culture hero (Gesar of Ling), and heroes on a journey (Harry Potter).
Unlike walking down an arborous forest path, paddling down a watercourse offers kayakers opportunities to observe and delight in arresting natural wetland scenes that the common hiker or long-distance biker is not privy to: a variety of smooth golden grasses, triangular sedges with inconspicuous flowers, reed-like leaves of cattails and the velvety cylindrical spikes of bulrushes.
The northwest corner is being planted with bulrushes, and there are old borrow pits that will provide deep water.
If the 'cream of British angling' attract groupies, I didn't see them, but, then, they may have been hiding in bulrushes.