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Synonyms for bullying

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

noisily domineering


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Research about nurses' knowledge and perceptions of bullying in schools is vital to provide evidence for increased funding for school nursing (NASN, 2010).
This includes:placing a greater focus on behaviour and bullying in school inspections,appointing behaviour expert Tom Bennett to lead a review to ensure new teachers are fully trained in dealing with disruptive children and consider all of the challenges of managing behaviour in 21st-century schools,strengthening teachers powers to tackle bullying - this includes the power to investigate allegations beyond the school gates, delete inappropriate images from phones and give out same-day detention,launching a Au2 million fund for projects to build schools knowledge and capacity to prevent and tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools,awarding around Au1.
The book is recommended for readers interested in learning about the history and current role of bullying in schools, its impact on increased violence in schools, and methods for beginning to change ineffective policy regarding these issues.
While legislators are undoubtedly sincere in their efforts to prevent bullying in schools, their legislative efforts are too often plagued by ignorance of the research and ignorance of the day-to-day realities of schooling.
The study is also in agreement with the report of Lumsden (2002) who reported that absenteeism and dropout rates are higher among students who experience bullying in schools.
Thus, the real solution to bullying in schools depends on collaborative action from school officials, parents, students, and the community at large.
What follows is a summary of that analysis, and a follow-up review of the nature of teacher bullying in schools.
The most effective way to curb bullying in schools, Skiba maintains, is to implement school-wide programs that aim to stop bullying before it even begins.
Seventeen states and Guam, reports Dounay, have enacted laws aimed at reducing or eliminating bullying in schools.
The Anti-Bullying Alliance, formed by children's charities and councils around the country, announced a new zero-tolerance approach to bullying in schools this summer, including appointing anti-bullying experts across the country.
Head teachers and education chiefs from Kirklees are supporting a national campaign to crack down on bullying in schools.
Meanwhile, the Washington State Senate passed a bill that would outlaw bullying in schools.
org to help reduce bullying in schools, recreational programs, and community organizations.
Unless low, medium and high level incidences of bullying in schools are recorded we won't know what is going on or how best to tackle it.
Education Minister John O'Dowd has today launched a consultation on addressing bullying in schools.