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a lantern with a single opening and a sliding panel that can be closed to conceal the light


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The diameter of the black bulls-eye is 5.2" at its outer (9-point) ring, encompassing a 3" "10-ring" and at the center, a 1-1/2" "10-X" tiebreaker circle.
Austin dapted a bulls-eye BoMar sight rib to it, and the "PPC gun" was born.
The front of the car had suffered significant impact and there was a bulls-eye break in the windscreen and the steering column had been bent."
Gulliver finished with a 21.19 per dart average against Molema after throwing two 180s and a 121 check-out on the bulls-eye.
Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, Ill., rolls out four new Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce flavors in time for the conquerors of the coals, barons of the burners and the sultans of smoke.
HITTING THE BULLS-EYE. One of the problems that could occur with this proliferation of models off of a single platform is that there could be homogeneity.
Up in Alexandria, Va., Brenda German, chief, Passenger Programs Branch, received her first requirement to evacuate over 2,500 Sailors and Marines from Naval Air Station Pensacola when the storm's bulls-eye aimed at Florida.
* Bulls-Eye Ball ($19.99) brings back memories of those trips to the arcade when you couldn't walk away until you got a bulls-eye.
Both use Bulls-Eye Auto Leveling Laser Technology, exclusive to Black & Decker laser products.
The rocket, the Controlled Test Vehicle (CTV), scored a 'bulls-eye' hit on a small target more than three miles away from its launch point.
Compliments that matter hit the bulls-eye. Such compliments go beyond observations of new suits and hairstyles.
Father-of-three David, of Box, Somerset, said: "Balloonists fly to a bulls-eye. We were well within ours of one degree on latitude, which represents about 60 miles."
Symptoms include a characteristic bulls-eye skin lesion, preceded or accompanied by fever, malaise, fatigue, headache, and stiff neck; left untreated, arthritis may manifest itself weeks to months later.
It means train passengers fed up with the tycoon's heavily- criticised service can score a bulls-eye at last.
When it comes to hitting the community relations bulls-eye most accurately, a rifle is a better tool than a shotgun.