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young bull

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castrated bull

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"The man who walks at your head--Or sits on your back--Or holds the nose rope--Or twists your tail," said Billy and the troop-horse and the camel and the bullocks one after the other.
Ugh!" said the bullocks. "Let us get away quickly."
The bullocks went off into the long hissing snorts that Indian cattle give, and pushed and crowded and slued and stamped and slipped and nearly fell down in the mud, grunting savagely.
The young mule's teeth snapped, and I heard him say something about not being afraid of any beefy old bullock in the world.
Pull!" said the near bullock. The yoke snapped with a twang, and they lumbered off together.
Mule, horse, elephant, or bullock, he obeys his driver, and the driver his sergeant, and the sergeant his lieutenant, and the lieutenant his captain, and the captain his major, and the major his colonel, and the colonel his brigadier commanding three regiments, and the brigadier the general, who obeys the Viceroy, who is the servant of the Empress.
The Bullocks didn't record their sales and didn't keep bills or receipts.
Over 50 farmers entered pairs of bullocks in the competition.
The Welsh Assembly Government had ordered the bullock's slaughter to protect public and animal health, but monks in the small settlement, who believe bullocks are sacred, started a legal battle.
Featured in the sale was an outstanding selection of Blue Grey and Galloway bullocks which sold at rates well in advance of vendors' expectations.
Kakkoor (Kerala), Mar 5 (ANI): More than 30 farmers were arrested at Kakkoor in Kerala for organising a bullocks' race.
In June 1999, the Bullocks joined 40 others, including a Buddhist nun, to embark on an interfaith pilgrimage that retraced the trans-Atlantic journey of slaves from West Africa to this country.
Store Cattle ( Charolais bullocks (green CID) pounds 640, pounds 605, pounds 570 Underwoodhouse, pounds 575 Greystoke Castle.