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young bull

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castrated bull

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Bullock cart races are usually held after the harvest season.
When the bullock was taken away in a trailer, many called out farewells, with others weeping as he left the grounds.
Angus bullocks (Blue CID) pounds 645 High Moorhead, pounds 600 Parcelstown, pounds 590 High Moorhead and Eden Farm, pounds 575, pounds 562 Orchard Lane, pounds 550 Orchard Lane and Westwinds, pounds 540 Parcelstown, pounds 530 Parcelstown and Westwinds, pounds 525 Orchard Lane, pounds 510 Parcelstown and Westwinds.
Blonde d'Aquitaine bullocks (Blue CID) pounds 622 Moorhouses, pounds 590 The Becks, pounds 570 Moorhouses, pounds 550 The Becks, pounds 535 Orchard Lane, pounds 525, pounds 522 Hole of Lyne, pounds 510 Murtholm and Hole of Lyne.
Simmental bullocks (Blue CID) pounds 605, pounds 550 Wauchope, pounds 540 Loch House and Holme House, pounds 530 Holme House, Wauchope and Haggistone Holm, pounds 520 Wauchope, pounds 515 Loch House, pounds 510 Loch House and Wauchope, pounds 500 Wauchope.
Frustrated, the Bullocks used what little resources they had to begin helping schoolchildren.
Many of the students come to school hungry, so the Bullocks helped to feed them and to pay for them to go to school.
Bullock and his wife, Myrna, are making a difference in the world by impacting one person at a time.
Angus bullocks (green CID) pounds 570, pounds 525, pounds 500 Townfoot Farm, pounds 470 Spadeadam.
Limousin bullocks (blue CID) pounds 685 Meinbank, pounds 600 Galemire House & Meinbank, pounds 590, pounds 580 Arthuret.
Charolais bullocks (blue CID) pounds 610 Galemire House, pounds 568 Braehead, pounds 500 Galemire House.
Sources also say that the photographer is doing all he can to prove that he is in it for the long haul and that Bullock can trust him to be faithful and loyal to her.
Despite their happy relationship, it is still unclear whether Bullock would try her hand at marriage again.
Bullock said, he saw the equivalent of first responders cutting through traffic on motorcycles to reach people swiftly.
Bullock said there might be better ways to communicate the same message broadly or a more innovative way to use the reverse 911 system.