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expecting a rise in prices

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The price set is higher than present spot prices and will send 'a bullish signal to the Asia-Pacific coal market' the report said.
Tom Butler, R-Ontario, claimed that HB 2332 sends a bullish signal about Oregon's investment climate - businesses and individuals will be more willing to invest now, knowing they'll pay lower taxes on their gains later.
A daily close above that peak would provide a strong long-term bullish signal.
That is a major consideration and that will probably send a bullish signal to risky assets.
74 peak will give the next clear bullish signal and confirmation that the 21-month uptrend is continuing.
The economic slowdown that started in the second quarter has proved relatively mild, not deep enough to damage oil consumption to any serious extent or trigger another financial panic but just bad enough to convince central banks they should consider further stimulus, which is a bullish signal for many investors in "real assets" such as commodities.
He said the deal should help to revive the company's share price which has sunk by 42% in less than three months and added: "We take this as a bullish signal for the wider sector.
30 was a significantly bullish signal and AUD/JPY surged quickly towards recent highs of 88.
private-sector employment last month for its biggest-ever rise in a private payrolls report provided the most bullish signal in months that the U.
Additionally, the 10-Day has recently crossed back above the 50-Day, which is viewed as a bullish signal.
If there is a lot of hedging being done by commercial hedgers, then you have to be prepared for when those hedgers buy them back, because that would be a bullish signal.
That's a new bullish signal that potentially could be the beginning of an eventual move out of the approximately two-year price range.
The indicator based on ADX dynamics gave a bullish signal in early July 2013.
The MACD is also giving a bullish signal, diverging away from the signal line, suggesting a further upside.
Some strategists said a weekly close above 80 yen would be a strong bullish signal that may prompt further dollar demand.