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an elephant goad with a sharp spike and a hook

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The uncertainty in funding is hard for the 70 employees and 5,000 patients that really look to us for their health care," said Cindy Smith, CEO of Bullhook Community Health Center in Havre.
The students considered other approaches outlawing just the bullhook, say, or pursuing legislation at the county level and decided the most effective way to make a difference was a statewide ban.
The suit alleged that Ringling Brothers' treatment of its Asian elephants--and specifically, the circus's use of bullhooks and prolonged chaining--violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
To force animals to perform these meaningless and often uncomfortable or painful tricks, trainers use whips, muzzles, bullhooks and electric prods.
The elephants, guided by bullhooks and shouts, would then meekly retire to their allotted places.
For elephants this will mean cruel training methods such as the use of bullhooks and electric shock devices, and extended periods of confinement and chaining.
For elephants, in some cases, this will mean cruel training methods such as the use of bullhooks and electric shock devices, and extended periods of confinement and chaining.
The DVD shows undercover footage of elephants being beaten with bullhooks (a training tool with a sharp steel hook at its end) and zapped with electric shocked, techniques Mansourian called "standard operating procedure" for elephant trainers.
PETA claims that trainers use whips, bullhooks, and other painful tools to force animals to perform such tricks as riding bicycles, balancing on balls, and jumping through rings of fire.
The plaintiffs - including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Animal Welfare Institute - allege trainers' use of sharp tools called bullhooks and prolonged use of chains on the Asian elephants are an egregious violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.
In their natural habitats, the same animals you see in chains, wearing costumes, riding bikes, and being beaten with whips and bullhooks in the circus would be free to walk, run and roam as they please; eat and drink whenever they feel like it; choose lifetime companions and raise their families.
Feld and the others profiting off the suffering of animals must know: Most families don't obtain their children by kidnapping them, hit them with bullhooks, chain their legs, confine them in cages for 20 hours a day, and deprive them of food and water as a training method.
I recently saw a video of elephant "training," in which the poor creatures were screaming from pain from bullhooks [a sharp tool used to train and punish elephants] and frustration at trying to understand what those terrible men were trying to make them do.
The public got a reminder this week of how animals are trained for entertainment when ADI released footage of Tai, the 45-year-old elephant actor featured in Water for Elephants, being electric shocked and hit with bullhooks during training," said ADI President, Jan Creamer.