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Synonyms for bullhead

freshwater sculpin with a large flattened bony-plated head with hornlike spines

any of several common freshwater catfishes of the United States

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The bullheads are the tastiest of the creek fare and their pinkish flesh can be utilized in any fish recipe.
Broiled catfish Catfish or bullheads, skinned and cleaned Flour Butter, melted Mint, chopped Salt and pepper Parsley sprigs Dust the fish lightly with flour.
Walleye Connection: You might think a bullhead's sharp, venomous spines would make it tough for walleyes to swallow, but in truth juvenile bullheads are easy to catch and a common forage item in fertile fisheries.
An initial count by fisheries officers revealed at least a million small fish - mainly bullheads and stoneloach - and thousands more larger fish, including chubb, dace, trout and carp, were killed in the river.
Deep in the forests are leeks, ginseng, and ginger; in the lake are bass, bluegills, bullheads, and pickerel.
Children can enjoy fishing quiet backwaters for perch, pumpkinseeds, bluegills and bullheads. Before heading out, remember to check your fishing license.
One of the first items in the column was entitled "Tranquilized Bullheads." It read:
As well as chub and grayling, small dace, gudgeon and bullheads were caught.
Also killed were lampreys, eels and bullheads - all important species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan Water samples have been taken and are being examined to determine the cause of the deaths.
The agency has carried out a detailed survey which detected that thousands of small fish, including bullheads and minnow too small to detect during the first visit, were also killed off.
Make pea-sized balls for freshwater panfish, marble-sized balls for bullheads and channel catfish, and egg yolk-sized balls or bigger for deepwater monsters.
Q: I saw these adult bullheads next to a mass of young bullheads and wondered--are they protecting their young?
In the Nant Fawr stream fish such as trout, sticklebacks and bullheads can sometimes be spotted basking.
Environment officers estimated about 500 trout and 500 other fish such as bullheads, stone loach and minnows died as a result of the sewage spillage.