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Synonyms for bullhead

freshwater sculpin with a large flattened bony-plated head with hornlike spines

any of several common freshwater catfishes of the United States

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Broiled catfish Catfish or bullheads, skinned and cleaned Flour Butter, melted Mint, chopped Salt and pepper Parsley sprigs Dust the fish lightly with flour.
Other Names: creek cat, horned pout, speckled bullhead, red cat
PHOTO (1 -- color) A great egret snapping up a bullhead is but one of the varied and plentiful wildlife scenes offered up by Lake Cuyamaca.
Children can enjoy fishing quiet backwaters for perch, pumpkinseeds, bluegills and bullheads.
Make pea-sized balls for freshwater panfish, marble-sized balls for bullheads and channel catfish, and egg yolk-sized balls or bigger for deepwater monsters.
We fished from Grandpa's 14-foot Alumacraft, two adults and two kids plopping one-pound bullheads into five-gallon buckets setting midship, until they were brimming with croaking beady-eyed fish.
The authority says the clean-up operation is important as the river bank adjoining the estate supports species such as the otter, brown trout, bullheads and a number of bat species and kingfisher, dipper and heron visit the area.
Environment officers estimated about 500 trout and 500 other fish such as bullheads, stone loach and minnows died as a result of the sewage spillage.
Trout, bullheads and eels were among the fish killed.
Q: I saw these adult bullheads next to a mass of young bullheads and wondered--are they protecting their young?
His favorite flathead baits are yellow bullheads, locally known as butter cats, but says they're tough to find in local rivers for the same reason he favors them as bait.
Dead bullheads and brown trout were fished from Cod Beck near Osmotherley after problems with a nearby water treatment works in September 2002.
Eventually we'd tire of the bullheads and toss our rods haphazardly along the bank, watching the fireflies flicker against the opposite shore as the fire popped and hissed and the bullfrogs bellowed at the stars.
Brown bullheads average 8-14 inches in length and can weigh up to two pounds.