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largest North American frog

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Bullfrogs are good farm animals for several reasons.
To assess the role of bullfrogs as carriers of ranaviruses in Europe, we collected 400 clinically healthy tadpoles of L.
The longest jump reported in scientific papers for an American bullfrog is almost 1.
If you want to eat frogs, you must learn the songs of our two largest frogs: bullfrogs and green frogs.
State officials are proposing to stop the water flows into Piru Creek, a popular fishing spot between Los Angeles and Ventura counties, to help save the native, federally endangered southwestern arroyo toad from the invasive and prolific bullfrog.
We previously observed almost complete sexual differentiation of the gonads in both sexes in bullfrogs by Gosner stage 35 (13,16).
Thirty bullfrogs were collected from late July to early August of 2000.
More than 7,000 bullfrogs, mainly tadpoles and froglets, have been removed from the site.
Elder was President of RHI's most successful franchise, the Anaheim Bullfrogs, which led that league in attendance every season, regularly drawing more than 10,000 fans to the Arrowhead Pond.
Incidentally, 5 larval bullfrogs obtained from this cohort [approximately equal to] 6 months earlier died of nitrate toxicity 1 month after acquisition.
You're actually within the city of Los Angeles,'' said project manager Jason Pereira, standing in a grove of willows and skinny-leafed mule fat shrubs between two ponds populated with mallards, coots and bullfrogs.
In Great Britain, we found chytrid in 2 of 14 introduced North American bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) caught in 2004 but did not find it in wild-captured native British species.
We have a glut of bullfrogs in this state,'' and anyone with a fishing license ``can take as many as they want.
We report the causative agent, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, in North American bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) farmed for the international restaurant trade.
Straus said the annual baseball controversy about BullFrog sunscreen being mixed with rosin by pitchers who want a better grip actually serves to put the focus back on melanoma prevention.