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largest North American frog

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Bullfrog," replied my wife, sweetly, "I thought all the world knew that!"
Bullfrog," said she, not unkindly, yet with all the decision of her strong character, "let me advise you to overcome this foolish weakness, and prove yourself, to the best of your ability, as good a husband as I will be a wife.
Bullfrog," said my wife, slyly; "but, in that case, where would have been the five thousand dollars which are to stock your dry goods store?"
Bullfrog, upon your honor," demanded I, as if my life hung upon her words, "is there no mistake about those five thousand dollars?"
"The jury gave me every cent the rascal had; and I have kept it all for my dear Bullfrog."
Stock ponds and recreational fishing ponds along these rivers are possible sources of invading bullfrogs, which began to appear on the reserve coincident with a multi-year drought in the late 1980s (Kupferberg 1996a).
A certain Christophe Coic, head of the association CISTUDE, was quoted as saying that 'the unchecked proliferation of bullfrogs is threatening parts of France with an environmental catastrophe'.
"We're looking forward to our first Valentine's film night too because nothing says I love you like the gift of free-flowing booze!" FILM SCHEDULE (from 7pm) | |Thursday, February 14: 10 Things I Hate About You & Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet | Thursday, February 28: Back To The Future | | Thursday, March 14: Blues Brothers & live performance from The Bullfrogs | Thursday, April 4: Pulp Fiction & live performance from The Bullfrogs Tickets and more event details are available via Billy Bootleggers Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/billybootleggers/
The training involves a non-lethal integrated pest management system that prevents the entry of the bullfrogs into the hectares of catfish farms in the area, located around one and a half hours from the city's downtown.
With his steady supply of pig innards and chickens gone, Clem had managed to survive on a meager diet of bullfrogs. "It's like you and I having a Tic Tac for dinner," Johnson said.
The barriers in bullfrog production of bullfrogs include the lack of researches, publications and failures in the basic production chain.
As is the case of any aquatic organism, an adequate diet is essential for the growth of the bullfrogs and the amount spent on food contributes to total production costs (DIAS et al., 2007).
We examined pond amphibian community structure at breeding sites across the state of Missouri and examined whether the presence of American Bullfrogs, Lithobates catesbeianus, and fish influenced these patterns of diversity.