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largest North American frog

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BFAR is currently training the catfish farmers to create a net barricade enough to prevent the bullfrogs from jumping into the fish farms.
The binary dummy variable was used to calculate diversity at three taxonomic levels: (1) 'Total', for all amphibian taxa excluding American Bullfrogs; (2) 'Salamanders', for all seven caudate taxa; (3) 'Frogs', for 12 anuran taxa excluding American Bullfrogs.
Bullfrogs are good farm animals for several reasons.
To assess the role of bullfrogs as carriers of ranaviruses in Europe, we collected 400 clinically healthy tadpoles of L.
Bullfrog basics One of the most notable things about bullfrogs is their size.
The longest jump reported in scientific papers for an American bullfrog is almost 1.
If you want to eat frogs, you must learn the songs of our two largest frogs: bullfrogs and green frogs.
This is a picture of a bullfrog in my garden whose eyes were bigger than her belly
Fish and Wildlife Service noticed that the flow was causing a proliferation of bullfrogs, a predator of the arroyo toad, which was listed as endangered in 1995.
Bullfrogs were collected for a pilot study examining the effects of introduced predators on snake populations.
WILDLIFE experts who discovered the first breeding colony of giant American bullfrogs in Britain last year are trying to find out if there are any more out there.
In California, bullfrogs were first introduced in 1896 (Heard 1904) for human food after populations of native frogs, particularly Rana aurora, the red-legged frog, were overharvested (Jennings and Hayes 1985).
Elder was President of RHI's most successful franchise, the Anaheim Bullfrogs, which led that league in attendance every season, regularly drawing more than 10,000 fans to the Arrowhead Pond.
Incidentally, 5 larval bullfrogs obtained from this cohort [approximately equal to] 6 months earlier died of nitrate toxicity 1 month after acquisition.