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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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Therefore, teams using a bulletin-board system should be more proficient at conveying and processing relevant uniquely held information, and thus should be more successful at solving hidden-profile problems, relative to teams using a chat system.
Another possibility for the business or professional use then would be the large commercial bulletin-board systems, such as CompuServe, America Online, Delphi Genie, and Prodigy.
Then it started showing up on Usenet, the bulletin-board system that can be read by more than 15 million people on the Internet.
Into this vexed landscape enters the Thing, a new network designed and run by "artists, writers, and other cultural producers." At once slick product of the world art market and insurgent commune, the Thing is a telephonic computer bulletin-board that focuses on art and cultural criticism, but also provides message bases and files, like most any other computer BBS (bulletin-board system).
The development of a club-sponsored computer bulletin-board system could easily provide a central focus for involvement, engender a sense of "belonging," and encourage "active" involvement.
MOST PEOPLE will encounter The Earth Centered Universe (or ECU, as it is popularly known) as shareware -- software you try for free, then send money to the author to register your copy -- on a computer bulletin-board system or in collections of shareware and public-domain software.
When I first heard about this CD-ROM my initial thought was, "Finally!" At last someone has collected all the good astronomy programs found on computer bulletin-board systems (BBSs), commercial online services, and the Internet.
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