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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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* BBS forums: Information was seeded in more than 50 relevant bulletin board system forums to encourage interest.
Here is one, last, crucial reference before we move into modern social networking: bulletin board systems. Traditionally, Internet bulletin boards and blogs have a hierarchical, topical structure.
Since then a series of books, many written under pseudonyms, about life in big Chinese cities have emerged on literary websites and Bulletin Board Systems. This new movement has given online publishing in China a real purpose, replacing the 'cyber-sex' stories that had dominated such services before and turning independent online publishing into a forum for China's disaffected youth, reports Xinhuanet.
Instant messaging and bulletin board systems may delete even faster.
Part of this original business involved using computerized Bulletin Board Systems to promote his venture.
Several electronic communication tools that support the delivery of online courses are described, including electronic mail, list servers, bulletin board systems, and computer conferencing.
Current bulletin board systems only play back still graphics and some limited digital video.
Truly one of the early adopters of the Internet, Sinbad got his first computer in 1986 and went online shortly after, when CompuServe and bulletin board systems were the only things of note.
Then, a few enterprising local law enforcement agencies started their own bulletin board systems. Unlike the nationwide systems, they did not expect thousands of computers across the country to start calling their computers to see what was happening in their small towns.
Bulletin Board System (BBS) - electronic versions of hallway messages centers, bulletin board systems allow users to express concerns, ask and answer questions, and receive information from others, usually about a topic of common interest.
Journalists are responding to these changes with exponential growth in use of commercial services, bulletin board systems, the Internet, and other online tools.
It became apparent that a better means would have to be found, and with the proliferation of on-line computer access and electronic bulletin board systems, it was determined that that would be the route to take.
More promising as general member-forums are the "bulletin board systems" (BBSs) now being conducted by chapters and groups.
Smaller online services, such as bulletin board systems or subscription systems on specialized topics, may also provide access to selected newsgroups.
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