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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

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Today, several law enforcement agencies throughout the country operate bulletin board systems.
Perhaps you should start a Bulletin Board System (BBS), your branch office in cyberspace.
For modem users on a budget, or those who do not have or want Internet service, bulletin board systems (BBS) are an economical alternative.
Be aware of the various connectivity options, and determine which you want for your association's bulletin board system.
It included a discussion of how local bulletin board systems could be used to provide Internet access;
One such chapter deals with encryption, while another offers suggestions for investigating underground bulletin board systems.
Bryant's Creating Successful Bulletin Board Systems (Addison Wesley, $39.
From bulletin board systems to Internet features to commercial service providers, this article explains what is available for law enforcement agencies that get online.
Co manufactures turnkey broadcast automation and video bulletin board systems and has implemented thousands of its systems solutions across North America.
com (Nasdaq:SINA), a leading Internet media and services company for Chinese communities worldwide, today announced that the Beijing Communication Administration has granted the company's China site a license to operate online Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).
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