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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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WRITEPRINTS On July 11,1804, Alexander Hamilton had no idea that he was laying the groundwork for research into online bulletin boards.
Information on MSWorld chats, bulletin boards, or transcripts has not been reviewed by Society experts, and does not carry the support or endorsement of the Society.
Textured fabric bulletin board surfaces are offered in a range of Maharam(R) fabrics or in the customer's own material.
On Monday, the Thousand Oaks electronic bulletin board will become a victim of better technology.
Some of the government agencies with their own computer bulletin boards include the U.
You can get a list of environmental bulletin boards across North America and Europe--"The Green BBS List"--by down-loading it from the Earth Art BBS at (803) 552-4389, where the list originates.
However you decide to go about it, it's a good idea to consult with a systems professional with expertise in bulletin boards before acquiring the hardware or software.
Right now, most bulletin boards and on-line interest groups are subcommercial.
The software offers a search feature, flexible application program interfaces and the ability to run multiple bulletin boards from only one installation of the product.
Because many BBS sponsors run their services with out-of-pocket funds, bulletin boards can be very transitory.
People with disabilities have been quick to realize what an opportunity bulletin boards represent.
Nasdaq:VDNX), has introduced the PowerScript Bulletin Board Template Guide, the first instructional software package for its line of PowerScript video character generators, to simplify the creation of eye-catching video bulletin boards for use in convention halls, schools, hotels, businesses, and other venues.
Ideal sites for voice-enhanced features include online ecards, email, bulletin boards, chat rooms, personal ads, and photo sharing communities.
OTCBB:TEXN) announced today that increased interest in the company by Internet-based chat rooms and bulletin boards has resulted in the posting of erroneous information pertaining to TEXN.
0 for cc:Mail installs directly into Outlook, enabling it to: send and receive mail through cc:Mail; use the cc:Mail post office address directory; import cc:Mail Address Books; import cc:Mail Folders; and import and automatically update cc:Mail Bulletin Boards with new postings.
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