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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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Notes on T5s, notes on bulletin boards, radios, telephones and hand signals were the least or not effective communication processes to be used with the situations described in each of the survey items.
And with all of the weatherproofing features that these bulletin boards possess they'll be able to keep your menus and announcements just as protected outside as inside.”
Undergraduate pre-service elementary education majors created these visual representations, using traditional bulletin boards as teaching tools about various artists.
Picardi also points to online bulletin boards. The program could identify posters performing illegal activities, such as soliciting sex from children, says Picardi.
Some versions of the commercial general liability policy covering camps specifically exclude personal injury (including libel) arising out of chat rooms and bulletin boards, for example.
The website provides access to interactive lectures, computer-generated tests, quizzes, searchable databases, and a bulletin board for approved users.
The Santy worm, which is written in Perl, spreads to vulnerable phpBB bulletin boards on both Windows-based and Unix-based platforms.
The ATO has also made effective use of online bulletin boards. Each time an employee logs on to the ATO network, a panel (or bulletin board) displays on the computer desktop.
https://lia13-www.army.mil/lkc/ The knowledge center has five bulletin boards to which soldiers can post questions or offer info.
The clinic is now planning to put up "potential-for-violence" notices on the bulletin boards. The staff are also asking for arrangements to assure that no one is left alone with certain patients.
A MUCH-REQUESTED FEATURE FROM EARLIER versions of BUILDER Online reappeared with the launch of the all new, redesigned BUILDER Online last month: our reader-driven online bulletin boards. They let readers share opinions, seek answers to home building questions, and comment on industry issues but with industry experts moderating the conversations.
At the local level, the Okayama Municipal Government recently enacted an ordinance banning slanderous posts on its bulletin boards in order to combat an attack of vicious emails launched on its official Web site.
New wall-mounted bulletin boards from MagnaPlan Corp.
This paper attempts to examine different methods of content analysis for student online discussion that takes place on bulletin boards. The purpose of that analysis is to determine whether higher order thinking can be distinguished within transcripts of dialogue.
If knowledge is power, then there's one group of Interne users that's especially significant "E-fluentials," identified by pollsters Roper Starch Worldwide and public relations firm Burson-Marsteller, are people who are particularly active online, using e-mail and visiting chat rooms and bulletin boards. More than your average Web surfers, this group -- representing 8 percent of online users, about 9 million people -- influences more people on more topics, from products to business strategies to jobs.
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