over-the-counter market

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a stock exchange where securities transactions are made via telephone and computer rather than on the floor of an exchange

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Director of Internet Services, Jay Froscheiser, said, "The addition of Bulletin Board stocks to our Nasdaq Level II feed is just another example of how our Internet products continue to surpass the competition in high end features.
As an active trader in Bulletin Board stocks and distressed securities in general, Jefferies' research focused on post-restructured equities offers a unique opportunity for our institutional clients that complements the substantial liquidity provided by Jefferies' leading market making and trading in this area," added Ronald V.
While institutional investors and research organizations generally do not invest in or follow Bulletin Board stocks, being listed on Nasdaq will improve the exposure of the company and allow Xin Net to be evaluated as an investment opportunity from a much larger segment of the market.
All of the Company's Market Makers, who routinely make a market in OTC Bulletin Board stocks, will continue to make a market in the Company's securities and all Market Makers have been alerted to the impending trading change.
Thousands of companies are engaged in the same process, brought about by a recent "phase-in and compliance rule" for OTC Bulletin Board stocks.
A national listing will give eLinear a much broader investor audience and will also allow us to be followed by certain brokerage firms that traditionally do not recommend Bulletin Board stocks.
Skolnik commended market regulators for acting to increase disclosure requirements for Bulletin Board stocks.
Remember always the risks involved in Bulletin Board stocks.
These changes require all OTC Bulletin Board stocks make periodic filings with the SEC.
Due to the recent mention in The Wall Street Journal about September's record volume in OTC Bulletin Board stocks (October, 10/03), we are anticipating even greater interest in our micro-cap clients.
Thinly traded bulletin board stocks do not always receive the same type of valuation as their competitors traded through NASDAQ or NYSE.
It appears that this stock manipulation occurs across the entire securities industry, and while it happens mostly in bulletin board stocks, we also believe it is happening in companies listed on the Nasdaq, the American Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange," said Carr.