over-the-counter market

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a stock exchange where securities transactions are made via telephone and computer rather than on the floor of an exchange

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Unlike Listed and Nasdaq issues, there are no order reflection rules for Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet issues, which means that when a customer of a broker/dealer enters an order to buy a Bulletin Board stock the broker/dealer has no obligation to show the customer's bid, even if it would be the inside bid.
It appears as though we are making great strides in our efforts to get MDI recognized as more than simply bulletin board stock, which will be critical as we complete our restructuring and hopefully move to get listed on one of the national exchanges, and achieve profitiability within the next 12-18 months.
OTC Bulletin Board: AUOR) announced today that it will move from the OTC Bulletin Board Stock Market to the Nasdaq National Market System.
com) announces a New OTC Bulletin Board Stock Symbol effective today.
Combined with his Banking expertise and securities market credibility, his institutional contacts in Chicago, New York and London, and with Torbay's commitment to the best fiduciary and fiscal practices, we are preparing the ground and establishing the Board's credibility so as to be attractive to an institutional investment base, beyond that which is attracted to a Bulletin Board stock, presently.
A Nasdaq bulletin board stock with the symbol MOUB, MountainBank's stock rose 40% during 1999.
It will allow investors to buy and sell Horizon stock quickly and easily at guaranteed price quotes, a convenience that was not available when we were traded as an OTC Bulletin Board stock.
The Company's Common Stock is currently listed on the NASDAQ Over the Counter Bulletin Board Stock Exchange ("OTCBB").
That's why a lot of big institutional traders stay clear of Bulletin Board stocks.
The Bulletin Board stocks often are linked with Nasdaq's name, however.
I know a lot of people have been let down by scams on the pink sheet and bulletin board stocks, and are quick to write off a company when the market starts to look bad.
Since certain institutions and brokers have restrictions that keep them from investing in or trading bulletin board stocks, with a SmallCap listing, we hope to enlarge our investor base.
BULLETIN BOARD: CSHD) company stock by a once loved and respected trading house may have sealed that company's fate as it is now perceived to specialize in "Shorting" OTC Bulletin Board stocks.
1 Trader of Combined NASDAQ and Bulletin Board Stocks (Source: AutEx(R), BlockDATA, 2004; Ranking among investment banks, based on NASDAQ, NNM, SCM and advertised OTCBB combined share volume)
Since certain institutions and brokers are restricted from investing in or trading Bulletin Board stocks, a Nasdaq listing can help us enlarge our investor base.