over-the-counter market

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a stock exchange where securities transactions are made via telephone and computer rather than on the floor of an exchange

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Zaxis International is traded as a Nasdaq OTC Bulletin Board stock under the symbol, "ZAXS." The company specializes in the development, production, and marketing of innovative solutions for gene separation and identification applications in the clinical, research, and quality control markets.
Trading as an over-the-counter bulletin board stock since this May (symbol: PDEN), PetQuarters' stock has traded between $0.41 and $1.75.
Stephens has an option to purchase u p to 200,000 shares of common stock of Pinnacle Oil, an over-the-counter bulletin board stock that was trading in the $12 range last week.
was cited for selling unregistered securities, and trading of the over-the-counter bulletin board stock was halted by the Securities Department.
"That's why a lot of big institutional traders stay clear of Bulletin Board stocks. You also give up a lot of liquidity when something goes on the Bulletin Board because the bid-ask spread is larger."