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Synonyms for bulletproof

make bulletproof

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without flaws or loopholes

not penetrable by bullets

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"We have a strong presence across the globe, and in 2014, we are eyeing the South American market," said Serkal, adding that the automotive bullet resistant glass has also seen increased demand from Canada, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and Lebanon.
A single piece of acrylic with a thickness over one inch is considered bullet resistant. The advantage of acrylic is that it is stronger than glass, more impact resistant, and weighs 50 percent less than glass.
The company also offers an entire standalone line of Kriegerplate bullet resistant door and window assemblies up to and including level 8 (NATO rounds).
Officers can scan the danger scene and aim through the bullet resistant Lexan viewing port.
3 Various terms, such as bulletproof vest, bullet resistant vest, body vest, and body armor, describe a garment specifically designed to protect the wearer from firearm projectiles.
The inventor, who spent nearly 65,000 pounds perfecting the kit, claimed it's a bullet resistant groin protection device and it is the world's strongest cup.
YOUNGSTERS from a Tyneside school have seen bullet resistant glass is made for police, security and military vehicles.
Earlier this month, Anjani submitted bullet resistant jacket samples - using Tensylon ballistic material consolidated into vest inserts - to CRPF for its current bid of 59,000 protective jackets.
"Lumiglass has also been witnessing strong demand for its Armour-Lite bullet resistant glass as well as for its flagship Lumi-Lam architectural laminated glass," Al Zarif said.
The design team headed by JRS' Ray Maggiore selected elements such as the ribbed-metal tellers' counter with bullet resistant glass, soffits, partitions and millwork, and intentionally located them out of alignment as part of an effort to create the illusion of movement.
The DeputyDome Bullet Resistant Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera System from Atlanta-based Videolarm has received a utility patent from the U.S.
Lumiglass Industries, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments and the largest automotive glass factory in the GCC region, has trebled its capacity to produce bullet resistant glass (BRG) by adding two new automated glass bending furnaces.
In addition, the store's perimeter windows are bullet resistant, thus protecting an employee should an armed robber leave the store and try to shoot from outside.