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Synonyms for bulletproof

make bulletproof

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without flaws or loopholes

not penetrable by bullets

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According to Jeremy Smith, Deputy Director of Easi-Set, "The UL 752 standard helps us demonstrate the bullet resistant properties of our products.
Revision currently supplies the DND with Ballistic Eyewear (both spectacles and goggles) as well as best-in-class helmets, all in service of protecting Canadian soldiers, beyond Bullet Resistant Plates.
NEW YORK & AUSTIN, Texas -- BACKPACKSHIELD Manufacturing today announced a series of Level IIIA bullet resistant portable shields for student backpacks, computer bags, brief cases and other portable cases and bags.
June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With the number of School Shootings continuing to rise at an alarming rate, Safer Schools for America is bringing awareness to the public that a Bullet Resistant School Protection System designed specifically for classrooms is now available and affordable.
Faisal Rashed, general manager of Glass LLC, the holding company of Lumiglass Industries, said the expansion was aimed at meeting rising demand for bullet resistant glass in the region.
On August 30, 2005 DHB announced that it has discontinued the use of Zylon(R) in its bullet resistant products and ceased production of all Zylon(R)-containing bullet resistant products on August 24, 2005.
the nation's leading cataloger of law enforcement products, has become the national stocking distributor of the new Smith & Wesson(TM) Bodyguard(TM) line of bullet resistant vests for initial availability in late May of this year.
DHB Discontinues Use of Zylon(R) in Bullet Resistant Products
DWS Defense Systems recently completed the installation of bullet resistant doors and other security-related accessories for Amalgamated Bank's new branch in lower Manhattan.
One Bullet Resistant Vest Model Using Zylon(R) to Be Affected --
DWS), announced today that in conjunction with its strategic partner, DWS completed the installation of bullet resistant doors and other security-related accessories for Amalgamated Bank's new branch in lower Manhattan.
Bullet resistant glass* is one of the varieties of glass systems that use Solutia's PVB interlayer.
The vest has been designed to accommodate upgraded ceramic Bullet Resistant Plates, also being procured by the Clothe the Soldier project, for additional individual protection against small arms fire.
The results of the stretch resistance tests on Zylon are significant because stretch resistance may well be the single most important characteristic to be considered in the design and engineering of a bullet resistant vest," says Al Price, President of United States Ballistic Engineering, an international expert in the field, and a consultant for Toyobo.
Security features include interlocking "mantrap" doors, multiple layers of biometric hand-geometry scanners controlling access, Kevlar-lined bullet resistant walls, as well as 24-hour security officers and hundreds of surveillance cameras.