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Synonyms for brassiere

an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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Czech model Eva Herzigova stops traffic in the now infamous 'Hello Boys' Wonderbra campaign and Madonna outdoes everyone by showcasing her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra during her Blonde Ambition tour, inspired by the vintage bullet bra of the 1940s.
1990: Madonna wowed fans during her Blonde Ambition tour by wearing a bullet bra, based on an antique breastplate worn by Italian soldiers.
At this time,``torpedo'' bras, such as Maidenform's Bullet Bra,made each breast look like a projectile about to be launched.
And it's not that anyone is really pretending not to have worked, any more than we did in the age of girdles and bullet bras. It's just a different sort of showing off.
Madonna, 45, has thrown off her bullet bras in favour of a more grown-up show.