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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

the round leaden seal affixed to a papal bull

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(169.) Buller is said to have resented climbing flights of stairs to reach his classes because no provision was made by the building's architect for an elevator to upper floors.
Manchester Crown Court heard that the victim's friend had lent PS20 to Buller the previous month.
On June 16 the regiment boarded eight trains at Durban and spent the next four days travelling to Zandspruit in the Transvaal, where Buller was organizing his army to pursue some of the remaining Boer forces.
But the barbecue remained covered on Monday (April 16) when Get Surrey visited the Buller home to investigate the rather ghastly stench.
Roger Coates was a solicitor of the Supreme Court for 50 years and held the role of senior partner with Buller Jeffries from 1973 until 2012.
Forest & Bird chief executive Kevin Hague believes that New Zealand's conservation, energy and economics ministers want to rezone Buller plateau into protected and non-protected areas, and make most coal-rich parts available for mining -- regardless of their conservation value.
ASHINGTON'S Josh Johnstone, not 19 until July, is now a double belt holder having switched to unlicensed boxing to stay with his amateur coach Alan Buller.
Buller and Cipriano's A Toolkit for Department Chairs offers readers exactly what the title suggests--tools that department chairs might utilize to strengthen their leadership skills and abilities.
The band, formally known as WTCHRS, took a break from performing towards the end of 2013 to write new material and hone their sound before heading into the studio with producer Ed Buller.
SWA W NSEA City fan James Buller is hoping to convert his new wife to the "beautiful game" after buying "hisand-hers" football tops for their wedding day.
Carolyn Buller, with international legal firm Squire Patton Boggs, annually hosts a General Counsel Roundtable for the chemicals industry, and has become a big name in the legal field for that industry.
A jury heard emotional testimony from a woman who tried to save the life of 59-year-old Leslie Buller at a company director's home.
Rachel Epp Buller and Kerry Fast's Mothering Mennonite offers a collection of essays about the construction of mothering in different Mennonite communities.
Dame Eliza Manningham Buller said she was opposed to the publication of files leaked by the former CIA agent because newspapers could not know what damage it had done to counter-terrorism operations.