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the activity at a bullfight

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For centuries, the Spanish have used bulls in their festivals, whether it is for running the bulls of bull-fighting.
The first, Bull Fighting, is a brutally honest chronicle about bull-fighting featuring neo-classical and Spanish themed Gypsy music.
Zed has labeled practices of bull-running and bull-fighting as barbaric, inhumane, horrendous, and cruel.
A MISGUIDED animal rights activist protested outside a poetry reading by Seamus Heaney - because he thought the Nobel prize winner was a fan of bull-fighting.
Seen largely through the eyes (and understood through the voices) of its two central protagonists, Ella Es el Matador not only situates women within the profession of bull-fighting, but also locates bull-fighting in a new Spain that is increasingly integrated into a post-national, post-Christian Europe.
Finally, an extensive spouses' programme includes a visit to a bull-fighting arena.
Animal rights activists in the Spanish region of Catalonia have gathered enough signatures to force the regional parliament to debate a ban on bull-fighting.
Kenya's government Saturday barred a bull-fighting event by a firm which has launched an "Obama circuit" to cash in on foreign tourists' interest in the US president-elect's ancestral land.
The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, said the animal was wrapped in a mattress before being put into a bull-fighting ring.
It's not a moustache I'd personally recommend for anyone intending to blend quietly into the background - unless of course you're actually planning to go undercover as a bull-fighting porn star.
First titles out are toon skeins from Japan's Bandai, "Hack Sign" and the 3-D "Eureka Seven," plus DVD collections "The Encyclopedia of the Comic," "Bulls in Spain: Bull-fighting," Spanish comic operetta-themed "Las Zarzuelas" and "All About Mushrooms.
In their eyes fox-hunting is no more noble or justifiable than bull-fighting.
For bull-fighting for Mexico as for Spain is art-form, sport, big business and festival.
The Queen of Pop, making her first live appearance at The Brits in 20 years, doesn't loosen her cape enough and at the crucial moment, when her dancer is meant to whip it off to reveal her bull-fighting outfit, she is pulled down a set of steps.
They begin the four-part series by meeting the gitano people in their heartland of Andalusia in Spain, where they get to grips with two local pastimes: Sally learns the art of flamenco dancing, while Paddy tries his hand at bull-fighting.