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a cone-shaped acoustic device held to the mouth to intensify and direct the human voice

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Earlier on March 11 Collado was rushed to the hospital when he was gored by a bull horn through the arm and chest during a bull fight in Valencia.
CASE REPORT: A 35 year old male patient came to casuality with complaint of bull horn goring to right thigh.
of Portland, Maine, the company he worked for; a laptop computer; two basketballs; a tackle box; a skateboard; a bull horn; DVDs; and a cellphone.
10AM: US troops arrive at the house in Mosul with an interpreter and bull horn to signal to those inside that they want to speak with them.
Curran said officers used a bull horn to call out to the suspects and attempted to throw a two-way phone into the house to speak with people inside.
He has accumulated discarded dolls, bull horns, scrap iron nails, bird feathers, cigarette butts and flood-damaged books, to produce remarkable art assemblages and installations that have very compelling social and political narratives.
(DPa) Dressed only in black underpants, they wore bull horns on their heads and lay down on the ground, to protest the killing of the animals in the bullring.
The two-wheel riders, brandishing placards and bull horns, made known to authorities their position to the newly crafted Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.
Bull horns may be pulled back in ahead of the SOTU address Tuesday and Fed's Powell Wednesday.
Jennifer White wore fake bull horns and black pants when she joined nearly 100 marchers in the Spanish town yesterday.
One of the more popular versions is that featuring two buffalo horns or two bovine horns (These are commonly referred to as "steer horns", "cow horns", or "bull horns"; In this article I will use the term, "steer horns".).
March 8, 2014 (JUBA) -- Various rituals including slaughtering of bulls, placement of bull horns and other animal remains have been conducted on the grave yard of the late South Sudan's leader, John Garang de Mabior, to prevent his "ghost" from haunting president Salva Kiir, a practice condemned by the family members of the late.
Most of the injuries are not caused by bull horns but by runners falling or getting knocked over or trampled by the animals.
A falcon standard appears below the king, while three of the boats boast a standard with bull horns.