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Synonyms for bullfighting

the activity at a bullfight

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"In the 20 years I've been watching bull fights, we've only had to put down two bulls," said Hamad bin Hamdan Al Matrooshi, who owns 15 bulls.
The infamous 'bull fights' of Spain can be compared with equally dangerous Maramadi.
"Do they have bull fights at the Bullring?", And, "do you have a beach in Birmingham?" are some of the other mindless teasers employees at the city's 20 Travelodge hotels have been asked.
On one particular day, Sam dropped by Hoover Elementary School to read a second-grade class The Story of Ferdinand, the classic children's book about a young bull who pre ferred to enjoy the scent of flowers beneath his favorite tree rather than participating in Madrid's infamous bull fights. After the story was over, Sam spent some time reinforcing Ferdinand's message to the children: It's OK to be different.
SIR - We must urge the EU to stop subsidising bull fights using taxpayers' money.
Along the way he gives the story of the real Grizzly Adams, bear and bull fights, the settling of the west and the determined destruction of an animal that was too big and fierce to find a place in the expansion of California farms and towns.
Google posted adverts offering tickets to bull fights alongside a preview of a book about the late Vicki Moore, who campaigned strongly against the practice.