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the activity at a bullfight

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He also requested that a book on pit bull fighting, which had been signed by a convicted American breeder, be returned to his client, but Judge Charles also turned down this request.
We're concerned that these puppies will become pit bull bait in the use of pit bull fighting," Ms.
SUFFERING BADGER baiting, Bull fighting, Fox hunting, Hare coursing: Cruel sporting Suffering.
While Spain is "fiesta, bull fighting, paella, hot people".
That is the concept implemented in the worldwide series first in 2007 before the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour climbed to new heights in 2008 with spectacular contests in the bull fighting arenas of Mexico City and Madrid, the stone quarry of Wuppertal in Germany, the Sambadrome parade ground in Rio de Janeiro, a rodeo arena in Texas and a gigantic historic stadium in Warsaw.
The EU has also renovated bull rings and is being urged by the Spanish government to recognise bull fighting as representative of Europe's cultural heritage.
There are several essays on literature and some on Spain, including a treatise on bull fighting.
This is not bull fighting as happens in other parts of Spain.
This cruel and barbaric incident seems ironic in the region of Cataluna, where cities such as Barcelona have banned bull fighting and the whole region has adopted the Catalan donkey as its mascot.
NURSING a fully-fledged pit bull fighting dog that leaps into your lap and refuses to move is a curious experience.
The locals lined the streets to cheer us on and were very supportive even though they love bull fighting.
Simpson said: "I'm looking forward to it, apart from the bull fighting.
Box office takings would be tremendous for weekly bull fighting programmes, financing a Birmingham Toreador School to train local youngsters to be matadors and picadors to rival any in Spain.
Animal rights: Horse racing, dog racing, bull fighting, cockfighting, bull riding, cow-chip tossing, the Iditarod, fishing derbies, polo, Olympic equestrian, monkey croquet, snake charming, rat poisoning and dogs playing poker.
STUDENTS in the Highlands are being sent to Spain to train horses for bull fighting.