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Synonyms for bullfighting

the activity at a bullfight

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Referendum debate has descended into a huge bull fight
Remember, 'The Great Scouse Bull Fight' - you heard it here, well, second!
BRITAIN'S Lee Westwood found himself invited to a bull fight in Marbella tomorrow evening, but the Ryder Cup star could be busy picking up the winner's cheque at the Valle Romano Open de Andalucia instead.
Having been sensitized to the importance of bovines by noticing their ubiquity in ancient art, Sharpes (education, Arizona State U.) had an epiphany at a bull fight: he was watching a ritual portrayal of the domestication of civilization's most prized food source.
Recently a bull fight was planned to take place in Moscow but our combined protests to the mayor of Moscow resulted in the event being cancelled, much to the disgust of the wealthy businessmen behind it.
LEWIS HAMILTON admits he faces a Bull fight today as he bids to make history in Singapore.
4 ( ANI ): If the US presidential election were to be determined by a bull fight in Kenya, then President Barack Obama would defeat Republican challenger Mitt Romney hands down.
BARE FIGHT: Gavin shows off his chest BULL FIGHT: Heroic Anton gives Ann a lift
But Google's advertising technology - which matches adverts to a page's content to make them relevant to each reader - put an advert for a Spanish ticket company selling bull fight tickets on the same page.
"We have all had a great time and such a laugh doing this, especially the bull fight and making the picture.
It's like a bull fight kind of thing 6 he's the bull, but I'm totally in charge."
BULL FIGHT Scott Brown is relieved to survive despite losing out to the Austrians
18 ( ANI ): A traditional bull fight held here on Wednesday ahead of the Durga Puja festival attracted huge crowds.
That's midnight raids on people beating up elephants with large lumps of wood, rescuing starving pups and hopefully a steel toecap to the mouth of, say, a couple of pit bull fight organisers.
LEWIS HAMILTON and Jenson Button got beaten up in a Bull fight yesterday.