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Synonyms for bulldog

a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

attack viciously and ferociously

throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo

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POLICE met with Warwickshire villagers this week to hear details of the policing plan for this year's Bull Dog Bash event, near Stratford.
A WOMAN was cleared of letting her pit bull dog bite a 12-year-old boy.
Seventy years ago we had a Prime Minister who had the courage and the vision to intervene in Europe when they most needed our help, and that, Mr Cameron, is what I call the Bull Dog Spirit.
It was during a meeting with the Farmers Boys that he was introduced to Adamson, who boasted about his pit bull dog Pablo, who recently won a fight.
He is one of six defendants who deny the murder of Mr Tobin, who had been riding home after attending the Bull Dog Bash biker festival at Long Marston airfield.
THE owner of the pit bull dog that savaged little Elle Lawren-son to death is a convicted drug dealer, it emerged yesterday.
70 Polar Gear aluminium British bull dog 500ml bottle, Debenhams.
A WOMAN was accused of letting her pit bull dog bite a 12-year-old boy who called at her house.
He told the court: "The teen is accused of spitting, throwing a TV off a balcony and becoming violent with police "He is also accused of training his pit bull dog to fight, and of allowing the dog to urinate and defecate in corridors.
WARWICKSHIRE Police has made changes to its road closures during the Bull Dog Bash following a public meeting.
Central Street, man reported a bull dog with a white face running in and out of traffic.
They once supported The Fun Loving Criminals at a famous Hell's Angel event, the Bull Dog Bash.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening of earthwire at suspension towers by fixing of jumpers by using Bull Dog Clamps at various 132 KV lines under ETD Muzaffarnagar
I have just read in your paper about the coroner at the inquest (ECHO, Sep 29) saying that the grandmother was a hero because she tried to stop a vicious pit bull dog killing her grandson in her home.