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Synonyms for bulldog

a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

attack viciously and ferociously

throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo

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'Bruiser' is the adorable one, we are the a in we are open to Witherspoon film, Blonde The Musical seven Tony and 10 Award Broadway In was L a Olivier winning including New was eight Awards winning four We are looking for a brutish dog that only its mother could love - preferably a Bull Dog but we are open to options..
A six month old American Bull dog was presented with history of protrusion of pink colored mass from both eyes for last couple of days (Fig.1).
A single to McKernan, a walk to Coviello, and a Bull Dog error sent two runs across the plate.
Tim often takes his Pence Bull Dog to local shows and festivals.
It is alleged Kavanagh, 31, then shouted "attack, attack" at his pit bull dog - urging the animal to join in the assault.
Bull Dog's defense scheme is unique in the sense that all shareholders are eligible to receive equity warrants.
WIFE BITES A DEVIL DOG: Housewife Dagmar Vidovic leaped out of a second-storey window in Croatia when she spotted a pit bull dog attacking her poodle.
I could have settled for bull dog terriers, lamppost shadows--what other kids encounter on the street and hope won't follow them home.
| Sunday, February 7: The Devils y Juke Box (Kings Head, Huddersfield); Memphis Pete (St Patrick's Catholic Club, Huddersfield); Bull Dog (Foresters Hotel, Crosland Moor); Bopsville Shakers (Barge, Brighouse); Scott Fletcher (Jeremy's At the Boathouse, Brighouse).
As I was walking along Monmouth Road, I got so far down when I noticed this pit bull dog walking behind me.
As per the definition of Veterinary dictionary, bull dog calves are characterized by short limbs and neck and swollen cranium with short, depressed face, with protruding tongue and cleft palate.
THE mother of a baby mauled to death by a dog has said: "I'd do anything to have Twinkle back." Eleven-month-old Ava-Jayne Corless was savaged by a pit bull dog, known as Killer, as she slept on Monday.
But the star of tonight's visit and the one that gets Paul's tear ducts flowing is a British bull dog called Frankie.
Bull dog beer Wbottle-top wall clock pounds 19.95 (www.dotcomgiftshop.com, 020 8746 2473)