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Worker ants appear up a series of slits (as opposed to the more common honeycomb round holes of the mound) and these exits are guarded by soldier and bull ants. As dusk approaches, this activity increases until winged ants begin appearing, at which point the mound should be left alone.
"Once we were on the pitch, we were introduced to the local wildlife because there were bull ants everywhere and they bit us to death."
He added: "I can recall in every detail the long treks through the bush in searing heat, and for company I remember funnel web spiders, bull ants, leeches that could only be removed with a cigarette end, snakes of every description and kangaroos that overtook us on cross-country runs.
The conditions in the celebrity camp are as terrifying as ever with snakes, spiders, tics and bull ants all spotted in the area.
Then there are the bull ants, scorpions, millipedes and giant centipedes, which can give a nasty bite."