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a creek in northeastern Virginia where two battles were fought in the American Civil War

either of two battles during the American Civil War (1861 and 1862)

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Bull Run Button scored by two and a half lengths in 39.09sec (-20).
Two Australians aged 27 and 30, as well as a 25-year-old Spaniard, were gored during the final bull run of the festival on Sunday by a half-tonfighting bull which became separated from the pack moments into the run and began charging people in its way, regional health authorities said.
They consider that this year's bull runs have lacked the usual thrills because the bulls have largely stayed behind the large steers which guide them through the narrow, twisting streets to Pamplona's bullring, where the bulls will be killed in bullfights later in the day.
The incident, which took place in the city's old quarter, left six people wounded, including the three persons who were gored during the first bull run or 'encierro', CNN quoted a statement from Royal Navarre Hospital.
Bull runs are a traditional part of summer festivals across Spain.
Madrid, Dhu-AlQa'dah 15, 1436, Aug 30, 2015, SPA -- A man died on Sunday during a bull run in the Spanish town of Cuellar, bringing this year's death toll in the traditional festivities to 12, securing this year's record as the deadliest for bull running since 2009.
When 19-year-old Jenny Tolman of Nashville performs at the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley at 8 p.m.
The Early Morning of War: Bull Run, 1861 is an in-depth historical analysis of the first major military campaign of the American Civil War.
Grandad Gus Ritchie goes to the famous Grandad Gus Ritchie goes to the famous TURN TO PAGE 4 TURN TO PAGE 4 FROM PAGE ONE bull run in the town every year and even teaches first-time participants how to avoid getting knocked down.
This change of date was made; with the cooperation of NOVA Pride's venue partner at Bull Run; by a special emergency board meeting held Thursday Afternoon.
Focusing on both the military and social aspects of this major conflict in the US Civil War, this volume on the two battles fought at Bull Run in 1861 examines in depth the effects of the engagements on the civilians who lived in the area, and explores the ways in which war permanently changes physical, social and psychological landscapes.
Pennsylvania-headquartered specialty packaging and transportation company MHF Services has acquired Tennessee-based Bull Run Metal Fabricators and Engineers for an undisclosed sum.
The Twe12th Man group is organising a bright blood red Karanka-chief display that echoes the Basque town's famous Bull Run for the new boss's home dug-out debut.
THE fifth Mercantile Club Bull Run took place on July 4 and raised PS5,500 for the Lisieux Trust and Kerrang Cash for Kids.