Bull Moose Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Bass was part of the tradition of moderate Republicans that saw its origin in the Bull Moose Party of Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 election, when Republicans split into the pro-Taft and pro-Roosevelt factions and then the third-party effort of Roosevelt, which assured the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson.
But Palin could revive the Bull Moose party, campaigning in full hunting regalia, best qualified at bagging terrorist moose.
Washington when he feared a nomination challenge; once his nomination was secure he courted Southern whites and, later, created a lily-white Southern Bull Moose Party.
Millard Fillmore switched from Whig to the American or Know-Nothing party and Theodore Roosevelt went from Republican to the Progressive or Bull Moose Party.
But from 1904 until his death the Springfield was a constant companion on hunting trips while he was President; throughout his long African sojourn for moose and caribou (remember his Bull Moose Party in the 1912 election?