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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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He outlived the Bull Moose by nearly a quarter of a century, and was around to see Teddy's cousin, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, win a third term.
Shopping for Christmas presents, Susan Marshall held two books and a movie in her hands as she asked a Bull Moose clerk for his suggestions.
Ms Teillet: What he wrote on the paper says that he shot a bull moose at nine o'clock with a 30/30 and that it was .
How can you go from almost drowning in the Snake River, sinking a boat and losing a bunch of gear, to filling two once-in-a-lifetime bull moose tags in less than a week?
But Palin could revive the Bull Moose party, campaigning in full hunting regalia, best qualified at bagging terrorist moose.
Millard Fillmore switched from Whig to the American or Know-Nothing party and Theodore Roosevelt went from Republican to the Progressive or Bull Moose Party.
I thought maybe it was a tree," he told the Portland Press Herald for September 21st, but when it happened two more times he arose, peered out a window, and saw a two-year-old bull moose slamming its antlers against the house.
Teddy Roosevelt clashed so strongly with the Party's old guard that he split off and founded his own Bull Moose movement.
There has never been a Republican, Democrat, Whig, Bull Moose or Federalist that has pardoned an ex-American criminal that has renounced his American citizenship.
A - Bull Moose, B - Bulldog, C - Bull Elephant, D - Bull Frog.
SAN DIEGO -- Bull Moose Energy today announced that Morgan Stanley has agreed to invest up to $60 million in the San Diego-based firm to finance the development of a new generation of biomass power production plants near urban centers to generate power from renewable energy sources.
We worked hard, and even with the tough start, I was now standing over a 60-inch Alaska-Yukon bull moose.
DENVER, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Three out of four hunters support background checks with reasonable exceptions for all gun sales according to a national poll of America's hunters conducted by the Bull Moose Sportsmen's Alliance.
My personal experience with bull moose includes one Alberta bull taken with the 7x57, as close to the 6.
5 yr), and bulls with larger than spike/fork antlers comprised 55% of yearlings and more than 98% of bull moose [greater than or equal to] 2.