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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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30th, on opening his door to find a monstrous bull moose in his front yard."
A bull moose is always quite a sight, but to witness one stomping, urinating, and grunting in a waterhole is quite the show.
Wattles estimated that moose cows weigh between 600 and 700 pounds, and bull moose weigh from 800 to 1,000 pounds.
Bull moose have been known to court a cow for three or four days while waiting for her to reach estrus--a marvel of patience if you ask me!
The yearling bull moose was successfully relocated to Huntington Wildlife Forest in Newcomb later that day.
We compared cover type use by cow and bull moose in winter using home ranges, VHF telemetry locations, and moose locations from the aerial survey.
It happened to be the same place where I arrowed my first bull moose. With perseverance and lots of mare urine, the mighty 3.5 year-old beast was down approximately 100 yards away from my stand.
12 in Lewis County, we spotted this bull moose. I watched him for a long time before I took this shot of him jumping the fence.
I once stalked a bull moose in Wyoming and shot him just after sunrise.
We have a lot of miles to travel." I countered, "Don't worry, I'll just go for a walk." A little over a mile from camp, I began to cow call and then heard trees snapping along with the great sound of "uurrugh." A bull moose was swaying towards me, demolishing everything in his path.
WEST BROOKFIELD - Two people suffered minor injuries after the truck they were in collided with an 800-pound bull moose at the Rock House Reservation on Route 9.
ABSTRACT: Antlers from bull moose (Alces alces andersoni) harvested in the Omineca subregion of central British Columbia were submitted by hunters for inspection, measurement, and comparison by age in 1982-1989.
I'm sure everybody has heard tales about bull moose taking after mares and livestock in farm country, challenging vehicles on the highways, or chasing after skidders in logging areas.
Young bull moose may have slender branched antlers not unlike that of a large white-tailed deer.
The blood trail was heavy, and we had not gone 100 yards when Gene smacked me on the shoulder, pointed, and said, "Look over there!" I could hardly contain my emotions as I laid my hands on a bull moose I had just shot with a bow that spent a day at the bottom of the Snake River.