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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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Bull moose shed their antlers in early winter and start to grow them again in early spring, generally losing their velvet in September.
15 July 2016 - North American manufacturing group Bull Moose Industries subsidiary Bull Moose Tube has purchased additional sprinkler pipe assets, the company said.
On the same trip as the encounter with the bull moose I was chasing a trio of river otters down a willow choked trout stream when a moose calf waded out of the bush no more than first down territory from me.
Key words: Alces alces, bull moose, body weight, antler spread, physical characteristics, trophy, harvest
A young bear was hit by a motor vehicle just to the east of Worcester County in Littleton and was put down by the State Police, and a young bull moose was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on Route 119 in Ashburnham.
It features Louis Jordan's 1939 song "Doug the Jitterbug," Wynonie Harris' 1950 R&B version of Hank Penny's "Bloodshot Eyes" and Bull Moose Jackson's 1947 "I Want a Bowlegged Woman," among others.
After discussing different options, we finally agreed on a big bull moose.
His ardent followers called it the Bull Moose Party because, Teddy announced, "I'Parents should remember that their own son or daughter could be "I'm feeling liKe a bull moose.
He stepped onto the stage, showed his bloody shirt and perforated manuscript, and made the now-famous Bull Moose quip.
Bass was part of the tradition of moderate Republicans that saw its origin in the Bull Moose Party of Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 election, when Republicans split into the pro-Taft and pro-Roosevelt factions and then the third-party effort of Roosevelt, which assured the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson.
The facilities that have received certification include Allied Tube, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Atlas Tube, Chicago, Illinois, Harrow, Ontario, Plymouth, Michigan, Bull Moose Tube, Trenton, Georgia, Elkhart, Indiana, Searing Industries, Rancho Cucamonga, California, Southland Tube, Birmingham, Alabama, and Vest Inc, Los Angeles, California.
Even so, Brett Wickard is defying logic by adding books to the inventory at his Bull Moose record shop, devoting 3,500 square feet of space, aisles of shelves and 22,000 books of all types that sell for at least 35 percent off the list price.
When breeding season starts in October, massive bull moose with antlers wider than the height of an average man gather to duel for harems of cows.
Chapters chronologically cover the abolitionist Liberty Party; the anti-immigrant American Party (aka the Know-Nothings); the pro-slavery, but anti-secession, Constitutional Union Party; the "revolt of the farmers" in the form of the Greenback Party and the People's Party (aka the Populists); Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Progressives and the Progressives of 1924; George Wallace and the American Independent Party; Texas millionaire Ross Perot; and Ralph Nader and the Green Party.
across the lake, a young bull moose waded into the edge of the water.