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large powerful breed developed by crossing the bulldog and the mastiff

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Last year, Concannon was selling Staffordshire bull terrier puppies on her Facebook profile, and she wrote how a bull mastiff had to be castrated after it was aggressive towards children.
INJURIES: right and Pictures by PETER REIMANN A TERRIFIED family told how they feared their little girl had been killed after she was savagely mauled by a bull mastiff dog.
CLINTON - Police officers shot and killed two bull mastiffs (SEE PUBLISHED CORRECTION) Monday morning after the dogs mauled a toy poodle, attacked its owner when he tried to rescue it, and then charged at Officers Paul P.
In the same year a bull mastiff called Lucky, belonging to Gobin, allegedly mauled teenage model Kayleigh Cockburn.
Police said the animals involved were American bull mastiffs, possibly cross breeds.
Three Bull Mastiffs and an English bulldog were taken away following the discovery.
The couple were leaving the car boot sale, opposite Sainsbury's, when two bull mastiffs spotted the shitsu and dashed towards her.
The state of two bull mastiffs caused so much concern that they were immediately seized from the farm - one was later put down.
A Devon and Cornwall police spokeswoman said they believed the dog was one of three bull mastiffs owned by next door neighbour Darren Leaman.
The dog is one of three bull mastiffs owned by the family's next door neighbour Darren Leaman.
It is thought the tan-coloured dogs are bull mastiffs but at the moment carers cannot be sure because they're so small.
The brindle-coloured Bull Mastiffs were found on Star Lane in a weak state.
But Angela Gobin's bull mastiffs are driving her neighbours barking mad.
Stirling Council are now caring for the dogs, including Old English Sheepdogs, St Bernards, Rottweilers and bull mastiffs.
The 42-year-old woman suffered serious injuries to her arms and legs when the large bull mastiffs attacked her in Speke in the early hours of yesterday.