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an additive to food intended to improve its flavor or appearance or shelf-life

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Non-exclusive framework agreement for the supply of Surgical Mesh Fixation Devices and Bulking Agent Products Stress Incontinence Slings and Accessories.
The choice of the bulking agent was based on product availability at the time of surgery and alternative use of both agents for consecutive patients was encouraged.
Police Scotland said benzocaine and other bulking agents put drug users at serious risk.
DiInneo and Northrop are in the process of developing 18 different markets for this material, including the use of culler as a bulking agent for river dredge, in asphalt blends and concrete mix applications and as a filter medium.
The film-forming hydrocolloid composition uses kappa carrageenan, iota carrageenan, a bulking agent, plasticizer and water.
Scientists at Washington State University assessed the quality and determined the consumer acceptability of nonfat ice creams containing whey protein concentrate (WPC), a bulking agent and carbohydrate-based fat replacers.
With a slightly plastic taste, and loaded with stabiliser, flour treatment and bulking agent, this is nonetheless low in salt and fat and very good value for money.
An enzyme-based process for making alternan--a promising potential bulking agent for low-calorie, high-fiber foods--has also yielded oligosaccharides that stimulate growth of Bifidobacterium.
If you don't get enough roughage in your diet, or if you're constipated or have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may be taking a bulking agent like Metamucil, Citrucel, or Fiber-Con to make your stools larger and softer.
Preliminary testing by Enteryx showed that its bulking agent allowed 70% of patients to stop taking antireflux medication and another 10% of patients to reduce their medications by half (7).
An example of an entry is 'Maltitol (maltitol syrup): a compound used as a humectant, stabiliser or bulking agent in foods.
Tests have shown that the silt contains no contaminants, allowing it to be used as cover material for household waste at the landfill site or incorporated into green waste to act as a bulking agent and re-used for composting purposes.
Cargill also notes that, with its mildly sweet taste, Oliggo-Fiber can be used as a bulking agent in low calorie, sugar reduced or diabetic-suitable foods in combination with intensive sweeteners and/or polyols.
Many communities have a site where trees are delivered on certain days, then ground into chips that are used as a mulch material that can be spread on park trails and around landscape plantings, or utilized as a bulking agent in sludge composting.
Trash haulers loaded bags of compostables, collected weekly, into a chipper along with yard wastes, which served as a bulking agent, and ground the mix into pieces small enough to fit through a 4-inch mesh screen.