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an additive to food intended to improve its flavor or appearance or shelf-life

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Polyacrylamid hydrogel (PAHC, Bulkamid[TM]) is the only injectable bulking agent currently approved and marketed in Canada with an indication for female SUI.
Inside was 230kg of caffeine and paracetamol, which Mr Sutton described as the "preferred bulking agent for heroin".
The unit was provided by a grant from Birdsong Peanuts to the Salvation Army and it uses peanut hulls and wood chips as bulking agents for composting.
LAS VEGAS -- Although women who had more severe stress urinary incontinence were more likely to require repeat injections, they were also more likely to respond to transurethral bulking agent injection therapy, results of a retrospective study of 124 cases showed.
Base amphetamine is the name for the drug before it has been cut with any bulking agent.
The company says Poly-Flour is fully degradable by two routes, the even distribution of the plant-derived bulking agent which is food for microbes and the addition to the polymer portion of a degrading agent which uses nutrients to encourage micro organisms to attack the polymer.
The product, said to be a unique combination of bulking agent and stimulant, is formulated for overnight treatment of constipation.
If you can't get enough dietary fiber, try an over-the-counter bulking agent like Citrucel, Metamucil, Perdiem, Fibercon or a comparable store brand.
DiInneo and Northrop are in the process of developing 18 different markets for this material, including the use of culler as a bulking agent for river dredge, in asphalt blends and concrete mix applications and as a filter medium.
The film-forming hydrocolloid composition uses kappa carrageenan, iota carrageenan, a bulking agent, plasticizer and water.
Scientists at Washington State University assessed the quality and determined the consumer acceptability of nonfat ice creams containing whey protein concentrate (WPC), a bulking agent and carbohydrate-based fat replacers.
With a slightly plastic taste, and loaded with stabiliser, flour treatment and bulking agent, this is nonetheless low in salt and fat and very good value for money.
An enzyme-based process for making alternan--a promising potential bulking agent for low-calorie, high-fiber foods--has also yielded oligosaccharides that stimulate growth of Bifidobacterium.