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an additive to food intended to improve its flavor or appearance or shelf-life

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The median age of participants at the first bulking agent injection was 70 years (IQR 59-78).
As DxHA becomes more commonly used, it is necessary for physicians to ascertain if a patient with a history of FI has been treated with an injectable bulking agent. An understanding of the endoscopic appearance, imaging features, and microscopy of DxHA is also important in limiting unnecessary interventions and clinical confusion.
Pearlitol PF (mannitol pyrogen-free) is used in LVP and SVP as an API and isotonic agent, as well as a bulking agent for freeze-dried injectable powders.
Inside was 230kg of caffeine and paracetamol, which Mr Sutton described as the "preferred bulking agent for heroin".
We also offer Macroplastique, an injectable urethral bulking agent for the treatment of adult female stress urinary incontinence primarily due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency.
Officers also found 128g of dextrose, given a value of PS2,560 as it could be used as a bulking agent, and scales carrying traces of cannabis.
Its excellent water retention properties enable Pro-Take P to act as a bulking agent in low-sugar formulations to maintain the attractive texture of the original versions.
Combining it with improved perianal skin hygiene, bowel habit ritualization, and the addition of fiber as a bulking agent and loperamide for diarrhea offers the greatest hope for patients suffering from this challenging condition.
2010;251:441), and 2) superior to the injectable bulking agent (6% complete continence), which was approved on the basis of a randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled trial (Lancet 2011;377:997).
They discovered 9.3 grammes of cocaine worth PS620, along with a bulking agent, electronic scales, dealer bags and the cash which was recovered from three different areas.
The answer is a low- or no-calorie bulking agent that provides similar characteristics to sucrose yet doesn't add too much non-digestible fiber, which can cause a laxative effect.
The Salvation Army is diverting food waste from landfill, using a by-product such as peanut hulls as a bulking agent, putting nutrients from the compost back to the soil and contributing to the community's education providing compost for the local gardens.
This acquisition expands Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd's product portfolio with two additional products, which includes SOLESTA, a first-in-class, biocompatible tissue bulking agent for the treatment of fecal incontinence and DEFLUX, an FDA-approved alternative to major ureteral reimplantation surgery for the treatment of vesicoureteral reflux.
The study of the injection of bulking agent NASHA DX -- a dextranomer suspended in stabilised hyaluronic acid, into the anal sphincter in patients with fecal incontinence -- met the goals and demonstrated efficacy and safety.