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mail consisting of large numbers of identical items (circulars or advertisements) sent to individual addresses at less than 1st-class rates and paid for in one lot

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What is being questioned here is the bulk rate agreed on by operators for the respective use of their networks
Group practices conducting ongoing recruiting can save more by setting up bulk rate accounts.
AHPs would allow small businesses to band together and, through trade and professional associations, purchase affordable benefits, essentially acquiring them at bulk rate.
And for those businesses that don't have room to store the 50,000 printed envelopes they got on bulk rate, Sir Speedy will house the order for free.
history, supporters say they would negotiate a bulk rate for the solar panels, which can cost $30,000 per home.
As a result we had to add names to the list to be able to mail the journal at the affordable bulk rate.
Or they may have never received the first mailer--especially if you mailed it bulk rate.
If at least three pessaries are ordered, the bulk rate is $38 apiece, said Ruth Cogan, a vice president at the Chicago-based company.
The eateries get copies of The Journal News (188,867 daily circulation, 230,575 Sunday) at a bulk rate.
They're fast, easy and affordable to produce, and you get first class delivery for about the same as you pay for bulk rate on a solo mailing.
It's a three-stage charger, with a bulk rate, an absorption rate and a float rate.
IRS uses third class bulk rate, which is less expensive than first class but does not provide automatic forwarding or return-to-sender service.
To keep printing costs low, Robbins prints 20,000 shells, complete with a color masthead and company logo, for a bulk rate.
Always design the newsletter as a self-mailer and use bulk rate postage.
long), but hardly important at all for bulk rate mail?