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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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"Together with Plovdiv University and our lecturers at European universities we organize a special program to stimulate young Bulgarians, who turn their interest in Bulgarian civilization into their profession," said Vice President Yotova.
Chairwoman of the Bulgarian ethnic and cultural association of Astana Olga Andriyevskaya told about the integration of the Bulgarian culture in Kazakhstan during the media briefing in Astana on March 26, the press service of the Central Communications Service reported.
The story of Bulgarian Muslims has only briefly captured the attention of world media in the second half of the 1980s, when the then communist government initiated a "rebirth" process of changing their names and ultimately "sending on an excursion" to neighbouring Turkey over 350,000 of them.
But it also holds tremendous promise for those who cherish the democratic values that Bulgarians and Americans share.
The survey showed that about 20 per cent of Bulgarians of working age want to emigrate.
Almost 200,000 Bulgarians living on the territory of Ukraine will be affected by the 30-day martial law imposed this morning, reported the Bulgarian National Television.A
The opposition blames the Ministry for not enabling all Bulgarians abroad to vote in the elections, by failing to open enough polling stations.
About 30 percent of Bulgarians, or almost every third, have made at least one tourist trip for personal purposes (abroad or within the country), according to Eurostat's analysis of EU travel trips in 2016.
A row emerged on Tuesday between Valeri Simeonov, the co-chair of nationalist Patriotic Front coalition, and a representative of Bulgarians abroad over Electoral Code amendments.Bulgarian nationals living in the West held demonstrations in several European cities to protest government plans (initially approved by Parliament) to ban the opening of polling stations outside diplomatic missions.
This was revealed by Ivanka Slavcheva, a chief expert at the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, at the opening of the sixth session of the world parliament of Bulgarians.
The total number of Bulgarians working abroad is bigger than their homeland's entire workforce at the moment, new data suggests.As of 2015, some 2.5 million people born in Bulgaria work outside the country, with their contributions sent home amounting to EUR 1.7 M (in an economy of around EUR 40 B).
The flags have been hoisted for the official <a href="http://www.novinite.com/articles/169683/Bulgaria%E2%80%99s+President+Starts+2-Day+Visit+to+Ukraine+on+Tuesday">two-day visit of Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev to Ukraine on Tuesday and Wednesday.Mitov added that for the first time the Bulgarian foreign minister and his Ukrainian counterpart jointly visited the Bulgarians in Odessa and Bolhrad.According to him, this was a sign for the commitment of the Bulgarian state towards its fellow nationals in Ukraine.
His map does not include figures for those families of Bulgarians abroad who decided their child does not need a Bulgarian certificate.
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