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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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Bulgarians in Chicago and Toronto are planning to join the demands of Bulgarians in their homeland for a better life as part of the ongoing protests against monopolies and corruption that brought down the Borisov Cabinet.
During his visit to Hungary, Plevneliev is also opening an exhibit in Budapest titled Difficult Choice of Great Importance a the Fate of Bulgarian Jews, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during WWII.
Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, has spoken to Israeli counterpart, Benyamin Netanyahu, asking him to take care of the safety of Bulgarians, living and working near Gaza.
The four main topics for debate were: "Preserving the National Identity of Bulgarians Abroad," "Studying Bulgarian Language and Literature in Bulgarian Schools Abroad," "Lobbying for Bulgaria," and "Social Practices Affecting Bulgarians Abroad.
What is more, paperwork about road violations sent by the Italian traffic police to the Bulgarian authorities is reported to have hardly ever gone through, thus resulting in virtually no risk for the Italian drivers of Bulgaria-registered cars to lose their driver's license.
The reason for Ataka's motion is Monday's statement of Bulgarian ethnic Turkish leader Ahmed Dogan who likened the Balkan War of 1912-1913 in which Bulgarian,Serbian, Greek, and Montenegrin forces liberated much of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire to the so called Revival Process (or Regeneration Process) a the assimilation campaign against Bulgarian Turks undertaken by the Bulgarian Communist Party regime in the late 1980s.
The shocking book entitled "The Balkan Wars in the Rhodope Mountains, 1912-1913" states that the Bulgarian troops that took over the region in today's Southern Bulgaria and Northern Greece did not in fact liberate the locals a many of whom are ethnic Bulgarian Muslims also known as Pomaks a but instead "enslaved" and oppressed them".
In 1861-1862, many ethnic Bulgarians from the Bessarabia region moved to the Taurica region in what is today's central southern Ukraine, north of the Crimea.
The four main topics for debate are: "Preserving the National Identity of Bulgarians Abroad," "Studying Bulgarian Language and Literature in Bulgarian Schools Abroad," "Lobbying for Bulgaria," and "Social Practices Affecting Bulgarians Abroad.
The majority of the applicants is constituted by Bulgarians from Ukraine, Moldova and Macedonia.
Chairwoman of the Bulgarian ethnic and cultural association of Astana Olga Andriyevskaya told about the integration of the Bulgarian culture in Kazakhstan during the media briefing in Astana on March 26, the press service of the Central Communications Service reported.
A few days after Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin said in his interview with the Bulgarian television 24 Casa that it was good that the poor dialogue between the two countries was being stimulated with rational talks rather than with harsh monologues in media, the public in both countries became upset again, this time round over the topic of taking Macedonian soldiers in the Bulgarian army, Nova Makedonija comments.
Bulgarian expatriates are showing keen interest in the October 23 elections, according to Rossen Ivanov, chairperson of the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad.
Summary: Sofia, June 25, 2010, SPA -- Applications for Bulgarian passports from ethic Bulgarians living in neighbouring countries has rocketed in recent months, as a result of the Balkan country&'s new EU status, dpa quoted officials as saying today.
Vincent and Anastasius (in the centre of Rome) which the Pope has given over to the Bulgarians.
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