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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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BGN 300 000 from the state budget will be provided for renovation and expansion of the Bulgarian Cultural House in Budapest.
Chairwoman of the Bulgarian ethnic and cultural association of Astana Olga Andriyevskaya told about the integration of the Bulgarian culture in Kazakhstan during the media briefing in Astana on March 26, the press service of the Central Communications Service reported.
A few days after Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin said in his interview with the Bulgarian television 24 Casa that it was good that the poor dialogue between the two countries was being stimulated with rational talks rather than with harsh monologues in media, the public in both countries became upset again, this time round over the topic of taking Macedonian soldiers in the Bulgarian army, Nova Makedonija comments.
33), contacts between the Vatican and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church continue to be cordial.
In so many ways, Bulgarians and Americans are working in partnership to build a safer, freer, better world.
The survey showed that about 20 per cent of Bulgarians of working age want to emigrate.
The opposition blames the Ministry for not enabling all Bulgarians abroad to vote in the elections, by failing to open enough polling stations.
This was revealed by Ivanka Slavcheva, a chief expert at the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, at the opening of the sixth session of the world parliament of Bulgarians.
The total number of Bulgarians working abroad is bigger than their homeland's entire workforce at the moment, new data suggests.
Mitov added that for the first time the Bulgarian foreign minister and his Ukrainian counterpart jointly visited the Bulgarians in Odessa and Bolhrad.
com/viz/d128c2dc-e62b-11e4-9ed5-0e853d047bba/public_map">published online his "Map of Bulgarians Born Outside Bulgaria" according to which the abovementioned number represents that of expats' children who have been issued a Bulgarian birth certificate within that period of ten years.
The State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad has issued thousands of certificates of Bulgarian origin to citizens of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, without having received any proof of their Bulgarian origins.
Bulgarian MEP Ivaylo Kalfin has insisted that the efforts to counteract the reinforcement of negative attitudes towards Bulgarians and Romanians must not stop.
Speaking to Bulgarian newspaper Pressa, Tihomir Rashkov explained that many Bulgarians managed to keep their homes keeping up with their mortgage payments despite the difficult economic situation in the country due to the financial crisis.
News of the unrest in their home country has prompted more than one hundred Bulgarians to organize a special event in the western US city of San Francisco, celebrating everything that keeps the nation together in these tough times.
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