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"Bulgarian actors usually don't have a personal agent who looks for appropriate engagements for them", he said.
I too will remember my first meeting with a number of Bulgarian actors. As Coigney puts it: "In America you're trained for a job in the theatre; in Bulgaria, you're trained for a life in the theatre." The Balkan nation follows a Russian-style system in which most actors are on salary with a particular company, with the option to shoehorn freelance commitments into their schedules.
A large group of popular Bulgarian actors, theater directors and filmmakers have joined Monday the antigovernment protest of university students and lecturers.
Not that their English was poor as such, but the intelligence that can inform the correct emotion behind a line--anger or embarrassment, for example--was somehow lost when the Bulgarian actors spoke English.
The Chair of the Bulgarian Actors Union, Hristo Mutafchiev, who suffered a stroke at the end of October last year, entered the contest for the first time.
Fortunately right now the world has no stereotype about Bulgarian actors, which makes it possible, with a bit of imagination, to have them play characters suitable for every film.
He underwent several treatments in a clinic in Germany after the Chair of the Union of Bulgarian Actors, Hristo Mutafchiev, issued an appeal for donations.
Last year other popular faces in the commercial were weather girl Desi Banova, TV host Dido Machev and other Bulgarian actors and models.
The laying in state of beloved Bulgarian actor, Georgi Rusev, is held Tuesday at the "Sveti Sedmochislenitsi" Church in downtown Sofia at 1 pm, the Union of Bulgarian Actors informs.
The Chair of the Bulgarian Actors Union, Hristo Mutafchiev, who suffered a stroke at the end of October, is in a stable condition and is undergoing a rehabilitation treatment, Bulgarian media have informed.
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