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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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In his words, around 12 000 Bulgarians live in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, who were not aided by the Bulgarian state in any way, with several families issued with tourist visas.
This year, we mark the 110th anniversary of the largest and best organized Bulgarian uprising in Thrace and Macedonia.
The Bulgarian Army General Staff was very pleased with the support and information they received from our organization.
The cause of the crash remains unknown, but articles in the Russian press point at the Bulgarian driver being at fault.
Computron has a long history of success in providing valuable solutions to the transportation industry, including such clients as TNT Express Worldwide, United Airlines, Federal Express, British Airways, Emery Worldwide, Danzas Transportation, Roadway Express, Tankstar USA, and most recently Bulgarian Railways.
We also need to find and invite native Bulgarian teachers and secure money for their salaries and accommodations," said Kioseva.
Not unlike their compatriots from across Europe, Bulgarians living in Chicago and Toronto are planning to stage demonstrations in support of the National Day of Protests in Bulgaria scheduled of March 3, Bulgaria's Liberation Day.
The Bulgarian government explained what kind of problems it has with Macedonia a discrimination of Bulgarian citizens and manipulations of history," he added.
As in March 2013, Bulgaria and Israel are preparing to mark the 70th anniversary since the rescue of the 50 000 Jews with Bulgarian citizenship who were not deported to Nazi death camps in 1943 regardless of the fact that Bulgaria was allied to Nazi Germany, Shalom published a statement Thursday on the fate of the some 11 000 Jews from the Balkan territories under Bulgarian administration during World War II.
The news was reported by the Bulgarian Ambassador to France, Marin Raykov, speaking Saturday for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR.
All of these accomplishments reflect the historic choices you have made, choices that demonstrate the vision of your leaders and the values of the Bulgarian people.
com/reports/c48258) has announced the addition of Bulgarian Tourism Report to their offering.
Citing data from the National Statistical Institute and the Economics Institute with the Bulgarian Academy of Science, an official with state-run Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) has presented the figures to Bulgarian journalists at the Eleventh world meeting of Bulgarian media held in Athens this week.
Results from a recent survey on emigration attitudes in Bulgaria entitled the Bulgarian Diaspora in Western Europe; trans-border mobility, national identity and development, conducted by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), may make for disquieting reading for those concerned about a prospective brain drain from Bulgaria.
An increased interest from Bulgarian investors in the Macedonia stock market is expected following the latest rules of trade and the platform for electronic trade introduced a few days ago.
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