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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian VMRO political party had earlier urged the authorities in Sofia to get in touch with the former soldiers of the Macedonian Army and accept them in their army.
In a separate commercial agreement, IBM's technology and business consultants will assist the Bulgarian government in establishing a new nanotechnology research facility.
The mission was very rewarding because it provided a great opportunity to work with Bulgarian Army personnel and see their unique equipment.
In years past, American diplomats and journalists helped draw the world's attention to the oppression Bulgarians suffered at the hands of foreign powers.
I am happy that together we will open the Bulgarian Consulate in Taraklia.
The survey shows that the average monthly salary of a Bulgarian emigrant has risen from 810 euro to about 900 euro.
The Bulgarian media commented positively on the trade novelties in Skopje and found similarities between the Macedonian and Bulgarian stock markets, primarily the lack of liquidity in both markets.
In an open letter written last January, 74 Bulgarian intellectuals, including Passi, invited the Pope to visit Bulgaria in 2001, despite the objection of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
Actavis, Adipharm, Biopharm Engineering, Biovet, Bul Bio, Bulgarian Rose Sevtopolis, Commercial League - National Pharma Centre, Eli Lilly, Elpharma, Higia, Inbiotech, Kamy Medical, Libra, Medica, Momina Krepost, NIHFI, Pharmaceutical Plants Milve, Roche Bulgaria, Sanita Trading, Sofia AD, Sofstroy, Sopharma, Tchaikapharma, Telecomplect, Telso, Unipharm, VetProm
Products with Bulgarian rose and rose oil are the most popular Bulgarian products in the big Chinese market in the recent two years, reported BNT.
The Bulgarian expatriate vote atthe July 5 Bulgarian Parliament elections has become a political issue although, according to the Foreign Ministry, it is strictly an administrative concern.
OTCBB: CTUM), a technology management company focused on commercializing human live tissue bonding devices and renewable energy landfill gas production systems, announced its Live Tissue Connect Technology subsidiary received a strong positive response from the Bulgarian Medical Academy of Science.
But a Bulgarian activist living in the United States told private BiT television she had received a "warning" email from Simeonov.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- During a presentation at the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense Gripen International has submitted a comprehensive answer to a formal Request for Information regarding the new generation Gripen multi-role fighter.
Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has met with representatives of the Bulgarian community during a visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, his press office has said.
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