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a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria

a Slavic language spoken in Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian VMRO political party had earlier urged the authorities in Sofia to get in touch with the former soldiers of the Macedonian Army and accept them in their army.
In a separate commercial agreement, IBM's technology and business consultants will assist the Bulgarian government in establishing a new nanotechnology research facility.
In the first part of her narrative, she details the context of the Bulgarian-Muslim encounter by tracing the topography of Bulgarian nationalism in the Ottoman period.
The mission was very rewarding because it provided a great opportunity to work with Bulgarian Army personnel and see their unique equipment.
Today, Bulgarian and American diplomats serve side-by-side on the United Nations Security Council in New York.
"So far this map has no analogue in Bulgarian linguistics.
The survey shows that the average monthly salary of a Bulgarian emigrant has risen from 810 euro to about 900 euro.
An increased interest from Bulgarian investors in the Macedonia stock market is expected following the latest rules of trade and the platform for electronic trade introduced a few days ago.
"The Holy Father will probably come in May, but the Vatican has not yet confirmed it officially," said Archbishop Antonio Menini, following a meeting in Sofia, the capital, with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passi on Wednesday.
A wreath to the Memorial of the Martyrs, where the Lebanese public honors their heroes from the struggles for independence, will be presented on Wednesday by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in Beirut on the second day of his visit to Lebanon.
The Bulgarian expatriate vote atthe July 5 Bulgarian Parliament elections has become a political issue although, according to the Foreign Ministry, it is strictly an administrative concern.
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