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The partnership between Bulgaria and the World Bank Group dates back over 20 years.
Turkey and Bulgaria have been dealing with problems on their shared borders.
Bulgaria is a reliable ally in an area of strategic importance to the United States.
The outgoing directors are Polykandri-otis, Postbank Bulgaria chief executive Antony Hassiotis, Drujba Glassworks chief executive Nikolaos Georgopoulos, and BB&T president and managing director Spyridon Argyropoulos.
Delta's Bulgaria subsidiary was founded in 1994 and quickly became the market leader in that country's ice cream category, with a reported nine of ten top brands in its stable.
PBG Bulgaria has been offering recreational and rural estates, holiday villas and land in Bulgaria for sale since 2008.
Bulgaria played a critical role in the formulation of a new era in regional cooperation, beginning with the establishment of the South East European Co-operation Process (SEECP) in early 1996 in Sofia, the nation's capital.
The challenge faced by businesses should not be underestimated: They must assess the effect of the enlargement and the accompanying legal changes in Romania and Bulgaria across all facets of their operations.
The NRA's main goals are to improve revenues and to prepare Bulgaria for EU accession, but it has other objectives as well: to simplify and introduce new payment methods, including Internet-based methods; to provide "clients" (that is, taxpayers and contributors to the country's social security programs) with the necessary information about their duties; and to improve voluntary compliance and achieve better results for the sake of the country and the society.
tularensis strains originating from Asia, Europe, America, and Bulgaria were also typed.
Bulgaria is a country so filled with beautiful women that it makes even New York City on a good day seem like a sausage fest.
Our two countries have much more to celebrate today than reaching a one-hundredth anniversary, for Bulgaria and the United States have become allies in democracies and partners in expanding freedom around the world.
Sofia--A positive atmosphere has developed between the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church paving the way for the Pope's visit to Bulgaria on May 23-25.
Ireland 1-0 Malta; Iceland 1-2 Denmark; Bulgaria 0-1 Czech Rep; N.
For most American visitors, Sofia is their introduction to Bulgaria.
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