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breads (including pitta, naan, pizza), flour, cakes, biscuits, breadcrumb coatings, pancakes, pastries, pastas, all breakfast cereals other than those made entirely with maize or rice, cous cous, bulgar wheat.
Over the past two years Kiriakov - a close friend of Bulgar legend Hristo Stoichkov - has also suffered a debilitating six-month spell with hepatitis and a car crash in Sofia, which put him in hospital.
Petkov, along with Hristo Stoichkov, is the only Bulgar to have played in all of the Euro 2000 qualifiers while 19-year-old Petrov, who has 10 caps, has also represented the Under-21 side in the past two seasons.
BRASSED-OFF Bulgar Ilian Kiriakov last night warned Paul Hegarty: You won't force me out of Pittodrie.
DUMPED Bulgar Ilian Kiriakov wants to stay in British football if he leaves Aberdeen.
They became the first sides to draw a blank in France 98 - while Bulgar Anatoli Nankov was the first player to see red.
Has different varieties of beans and bulgar wheat in a spicy chilli and tomato sauce.
The jinxed Bulgar wrote off his sports car in the village of Yana, 15 miles outside Sofia.
The vulgar Bulgar was fined pounds 8,000 by Aberdeen after Saturday's incident.
Miller has injury and illness worries over Dean Windass, John Inglis and Joe Miller, but Bulgar Ilian Kiriakov has an outside chance of playing.
The vulgar Bulgar was hammered with an pounds 8000 fine - two weeks' wages - when he was hauled before Alex Miller.
ABERDEEN will hammer their vulgar Bulgar after his red card for spitting on Saturday.
Leading the new association are Ed Andaya of People's Tonight (president), Dennis Eroa of Bandera (VP Internal), Maribeth 'Beth' Repizo of Pilipino Star Ngayon (VP External), Nympha Manio-Ang of Bulgar (treasurer), Mae Balbuena of Pang-Masa (auditor) and Edwin Rollon of Balita (secretary).
Aside from The STAR, Filipino-language daily tabloid Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN) also led closest competitors Bulgar and Abante in Mega Manila and Luzon, marking the first time in over a decade that PSN registered a lead in the tabloid race in the area.