onion dome

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a dome that is shaped like a bulb

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The entrance is on the eastern side flanked at the corners by four-story height minarets while from the middle of the other sides jut out semi-octagonal minarets crowned by slender bulbous domes. The entire campus gives the grand impression which Islamic architecture awakes in many minds.
Often Rogers takes advantage of the transparency or translucency of his medium to surround his objects with a series of bulbous domes, and places them on special presentation platforms.
With its bulbous domes and embellished minarets, this Indian-style building was built in the 19th century as a seaside retreat for King George IV.
The building, now partly occupied by Goldman's Treasures, has lost the bulbous domes which originally topped its four corners.
This beautiful specimen of the Mughal architecture with typical bulbous domes resembling the dome of the famous Taj Mahal is expected to be opened soon for the tourists after renovation.