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Synonyms for bulb


Synonyms for bulb

a modified bud consisting of a thickened globular underground stem serving as a reproductive structure

electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity

a rounded part of a cylindrical instrument (usually at one end)

anything with a round shape resembling a teardrop

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a rounded dilation or expansion in a canal or vessel or organ

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Bulbous bow is a protruding bulb at the front of a ship just below the waterline.
The bulbous bow is a torpedo-like underwater projection to streamline the ship's movement and minimise the bow waves as she cuts through the sea when underway.
The most obvious changes from the original Titanic would be below the water line, including welding rather than rivets, a bulbous bow for greater fuel efficiency and enlarged rudder and bow thrusters for increased maneuverability, Palmer said.
The developed procedure proved to be effective, and the idea is to enhance the potential flow solver to obtain a nonlinear potential flow solution for more accurate results in optimization of the hulls with bulbous bow.
As well as a deep-V hull to provide excellent performance, sea-keeping and manoeuvrability, we have incorporated an anti-slamming bow profile which is combined with an efficient bulbous bow.
Appledore is now manufacturing the huge bulbous bow of the vessel--a module which at first glance looks similar to a conventional submarine.
Regarding "Big Apple To The Tropics," Cruise of the Month, Cruise Travel, August 2004: I know that modern cruise ships have side stabilizers to reduce roll, and a bulbous bow to reduce pitch, but the North Atlantic in the winter is still the North Atlantic.
Ronald Reagan's keel was laid in 1998, then hull construction began, and two years later a newly designed bulbous bow (above) was attached.
A conventional LPG ship has a box-shaped tank that stretches to the bow, and is equipped with a bulbous bow, which protrudes at the bottom and lessens the impact of waves.
Stena has applied for a patent for the wide and flat bulbous bow, which facilitates a favourable water flow below the hull.
While the 6,600 m3 bunkering vessel is intended to feature a pair of cylindrical tanks with no bulbous bow shape, there are three bi-lobe tanks and bulbous bow in the 15,000 m3 bunkering vessel.