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small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers


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At this time of year, the bulbils are still firmly attached to the weeds' roots.
After growing them on for two years, some walking onion bulbils I had have finally produced full-size bulbs.
The only non-chemical alternative is to winkle out the roots and the nut-like bulbils repeatedly, whenever leaf growth is seen, a process that could take two or three years.
As they are about to go dormant in the next few weeks, they produce hundreds of tiny bulbils, known as cormlets.
In fact, it's an increasingly hectic time, with all cuttings to be taken and the little lily bulbils to be harvested, cleaned and stored in polythene bags until they begin to sprout little bulbs and roots after about three months.
It also produces bulbils at the base of its inflorescences, which can be planted to increase your collection of ``Jungle Jewels.
If one accepts that the garlic cloves and onion scales from the Cave of the Treasure near the Dead Sea are Chalcolithic in date (Bar-Adon 1980: 223; Leach 1982: 9), then earlier horticulture must have existed; neither onion nor garlic have a known wild progenitor in the eastern Mediterranean, and garlic requires vegetative reproduction from cloves or inflorescence bulbils, being unable to set seed (Zohary & Hopf 1994: 185).
Patricia Golding, St Ives, Cambs THESE 2 are bulbils that develop in the leaf axils and when they swell and fall off will go on to produce new plants.
If you try to dig these weeds out at this time of year, you'll run into trouble as the bulbils will be shed into surrounding soil as you lift the plant out, making matters worse.
One might also quibble that use of the word "gemma" for the bulbils of some Huperzia is not attributed to North American literature, e.
Fortunately, when this plant was prevented from being cross pollinated, bulbils were produced in the flower head and it could be propagated.
I've always cosseted this hybrid, its beauty is stunning and I'm pleased to say, so long as you keep them on the move and frequently divide the rice-grain-like immature bulbils, they can be grown outdoors with only additional protection from pounding rain.