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Synonyms for poliomyelitis

an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord

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The increasing frequency of bulbar polio in 1953 led to more labour-intensive and technology-based work for nurses.
For those survivors who suffered respiratory or bulbar polio, baseline pulmonary function testing is recommended.
That was some of the most difficult nursing of all, especially taking care of patients who had "bulbar polio" and had to be in an iron lung due to respiratory muscle paralysis.
(13) Nurse Barbara Montizambert declared that the nursing care of patients hospitalized with bulbar polio and bulbar-spinal polio was "perhaps more complex than in any other type of bedside nursing.
In its most severe form, bulbar polio, the virus attacks the brain stem, destroying the motor neurons that tell the body how to swallow, speak, and breathe.