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Select bulb onions that are firm, free of cuts or bruises, and have little or no scent.
Any you don''t use as spring onions turn into excellent red or white bulb onions.
Big bulb onions, green shallots and garlic cloves can be planted.
To get an early crop, sow bulb onions, early beetroot, carrots and parsnips in situ and keep them warm by covering with cloches or a horticultural fleece.
Havey's research showed that bulb onions that were stored for 90 days accumulated sucrose from the breakdown of the more complex fructans, thus retaining the thiosulfinates and becoming sweeter in the process.
They are also sold as tree onions and bulb onions and that would be the end of the story except I was asked this week if you could eat them.
Pungent bulb onions and mild leeks are best for soups, stews and other dishes that cook for a long time.
Green onions, I am told, are also a bit easier on the digestive system than mature bulb onions.
He added that they will put up three different varietal trials for both bulb onions and garlic.