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According to April Joy Depamaylo, bulb onion coordinator for OMA-Miag-ao, the DA has already disbursed P13,646,938 to 373 onion and garlic growers in Miag-ao.
These values were found to be higher than in previous evaluations carried out in bulb onion by Wall and Corgan [19] and in bunching onion by Levine et al.
The tops of bulb onion plants fall over naturally once the bulbs have matured.
The bulb onion plants need a substantial amount of water at bulb formation stage, but excess moisture must be avoided throughout the growing season.
Data from the Bureau of Customs (BOC) collated by the group showed that bulb onion imports last year spiked by 61 percent to 101.38 million bags from 38.76 million bags in 2017.
Importation of bulb onions in the same period soared by 161 percent to 101.38 million kilos from 38.7 million kilos in 2017 while vegetable imports rose by 138 percent to 1.17 million kilos from 426,864 kilos.
It recently suspended the importation of bulb onions pending an investigation of an alleged cartel manipulating the buying price of the commodity.
Farmers covered under the project are expected to grow vegetables, cabbages, water melons, capsicums, bulb onions, French beans, peas, tomatoes.
Yellow, white, or red bulb onions are classified as spring/summer or fall/winter (also known as storage onions).
* Scallions and leeks are better for your health than full-sized bulb onions, because the green parts are more nutritious than the white parts.