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industrial city in southwestern Zimbabwe

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Titus Ncube from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe fell to the ground while his 20-year-old daughter fled the scene.
BULAWAYO, ZIMBABWE - The political temperature is heating up in Zimbabwe ahead of elections that President Robert Mugabe insists must be held this year, and members of the Catholic clergy find themselves at the center of a brewing storm.
The group, who hail from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, will head to Liverpool after their seventh appearance at the Glastonbury Festival.
On political front, Zimbabwe opposition chief Morgan Tsvangirai tried to campaign around Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second largest city.
Mr Tsvangirai and about 14 party officials were being held at a police station in Lupane, north of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second-largest city, said his spokesman, but no-one has been charged.
A pedestrian passes an election poster and newspaper banner headline in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
ENI--Churchesin Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second largest city, have begun to supply residents with water for domestic use in an attempt to lessen the effects of shortages made worse by a struggle over control of the water supply.
Pius Ncube, Archbishop of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is a leading Catholic cleric and a frequent critic of the government.
ZTE Corporation, a Chinese telecomms equipment manufacturer, is to begin work in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, for the next phase of an expansion by mobile network operator Econet to increase its subscriber capacity to over 1.2m by the end of 2007.
Sara's two-month trip to Pumula, near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was organised through her school which is linked to a convent in the city.
Nkosana, originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, said: "My act gives the crowd something they are not used to.
'The pressure will always be on any City manager, but there's more to picking a side on a Saturday afternoon.': John ROBINSON:Born: August 29, 1971 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Height: 5ft 10in Weight: 11st 2oz Wales Caps: 30 International Goals: 3 Clubs: Brighton, Charlton Athletic, Cardiff City, Gillingham
Moyo is a member of Black Umfolozi, an internationally known group of singers and dancers from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. "The Rough Guide to World Music" describes Black Umfolozi as "an amazing live experience with their precise and acrobatic singing and dancing to a strong Zulu beat."
Pasirayi, third year, National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe