coconut water

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clear to whitish fluid from within a fresh coconut


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The Department of Agriculture (DA) has been pushing for an increase in the consumption of buko juice or coconut water to ease the supply glut, which has pulled down the farm-gate price of copra.
The agriculture chief asserted that use of buko juice will not only benefit coconut farmers but also the consumers.
I love the P100 bottle of buko juice right across my stall.
If you walk around condominium construction sites most places are littered with plastic bags where vendors pour in soft drinks, buko juice, or ice tea.
The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) has urged various national agencies and local government units to serve buko juice in their special events and seminars instead of soft drinks to help the country's coconut farmers who have been suffering because of falling copra prices around the world.
Examples of green items are milk, water and buko juice, rice, corn, boiled peanuts, seafood, lean meat, egg, fresh fruits and vegetables.
The 16-hectare banana-shaped island is perfect for a stroll on the white beach, a quick dip in its clear-blue waters, a relaxing spa by the beach and a sumptuous lunch of typical Negrense cuisine - chicken inasal, pork barbecue, green mango with bagoong, ensaladang talong with plenty of tomatoes and onions, along with ripe mangoes, pineapple and watermelon, sugary fried sweet potatoes and the yummiest chocolate cake for dessert, downed of course with fresh buko juice.
I was surprised to know that this precious liquid is absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals, more than fresh buko juice.
They too had a feast on the island, which included lamb chops, truffle mashed potatoes and fresh buko juice.
Aside from fresh buko juice, PCA is also pushing for other value-add-ed products such as coconut sugar, coconut wine (tuba), vinegar, coco coir and pastries.
Likewise chilled from the ref and drank neat, it tasted sweet, a wee bit like buko juice but with a mild alcohol kick.
Meanwhile, I gulped liters of buko juice to dilute the drug.
Not too many pageant pundits would have him on their lists, but they see something refreshing in him (wow parang buko juice ha!).
Aside from batchoy and pancit Molo, there are tinu-om nga manok (chicken pieces steamed in banana packets); laswa with its combination of vegetables simmered in water flavored with juice extracted from shrimp heads; chicken binacol that uses buko juice and meat as part of its broth.