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Bolshevik leader in Russia who advocated gradual collectivism of the farms

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Although Bukharin had described the NEP as a 'shattering of illusions', the vast chasm that stood between the Bolshevik party's utopian aspirations and the bleak realities of post-revolutionary Soviet society facilitated the development of a political culture of falsification and facade.
12) Maybe Bukharin devoutly believed in what he said, irony not being a gambit to guarantee longevity in the presence of Uncle Joe.
Nikolai Bukharin, who was with Lenin one of the original Bolsheviks and later a president of the Comintern, saw Indonesia as "a bridge from Asia to Australia.
38, 38 (2000) (describing the damage caused by "lovebug virus," a computer virus which started in the Philippines and caused billions of dollars of damage around the world); see also Oleg Bukharin, Upgrading Security at Nuclear Power Plants in the Newly Independent States, NONPROLIFERATION REV.
After that came the excommunication of Bukharin, the exile of Trotsky, and the "great purges" of the late 30's, in which millions were executed or sent to Siberian concentration camps.
Not only as a Jew with a special sensitivity to minority needs, but also as a new American who could appreciate the legitimacy of factional difference, Greenberg condemned the 1936 Constitution that Nikolai Bukharin composed shortly before his execution: "The one-party system remains in force as before .
The question answered by a series of prison letters to Stalin from Nikolai Bukharin, the old Bolshevik convicted in the 1938 show trials, may not exactly amount to "the enigma of the century," as Radzinsky exaggeratedly characterizes the mystery of how the purge-trial victims justified their treatment.
Bukharin, at that time the Communist Party's chief ideologue.
Even Nikolai Bukharin, the leading Soviet ideologist whom Stalin purged, began to have misgivings about the Revolution and began to allude to the fascist features of the emerging system.
Bukharin reminds his readers that Marx knew that capital invested in the colonies procured a 'surplus profit' (1915: 86); and in his critique of Luxemburg emphasises that colonial labour was above all cheaper labour (1924: 249).
Lenin and Bukharin hotly debated the question of national self-determination and independence for countries like Ireland during World War One precisely because there was no Bolshevik line on questions of this sort.
3) This is a useful observation, very much in line with the writings of Bukharin, Lenin, Hilferding, and Engels on the evolving role of the state in European capitalism.
However, the Soviet economy was originally itself modeled by what its chief theoreticians-Lenin, Bukharin, and Preobrazhensky-conceived as monopoly capitalism, the bearer of advanced technology and production methods typified by a large-scale and hierarchically structured work force.
A detailed review should include Bukharin [21; 22], Lenin [49], Preobrazhensky [63], Luxemburg [50], Prebisch [60; 61; 62], Frank [35], Hobson [41], Wallerstein [97] ,and Amin [6; 8].
High-ranking officials like Nikolai Bukharin and Anatoli Lunacharsky visited the region to get a sense of the situation.