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* Properly planned and implemented, a green build-out doesn't have to cost any more than a conventional project.
In addition to retail, ACC constructed several corporate office build-outs for technology firms, such as Arbitron whose 14,000 s/f office was designed by The Switzer Group.
All of this was accomplished within an aggressive, fast-track schedule to complete the build-out by a grant-specified date.
Dalton Bank Road has been shut for weeks resulting in new humps, plateaux and rumble strips, new kerbing on bad bends (fair enough), unnecessary build-outs at the Dalton end, a bit of resurfacing but most potholes shoddily filled and still no sign of the weak bridge being fixed and the traffic lights being dismantled at Colnebridge.
"We've provided quality build-outs on tenant spaces, including re-finished original wood floors, exposed brick walls, above standard lighting, and tenant control HVAC systems," said Javier Lezamiz, director of operations at Hidrock Realty.
In his letter of January 24, 2006, Terry Brown, Assistant Director Highways and Transport, claimed, "the build-outs at the junction of Sunny Bank Avenue have reduced the width for pedestrians to cross the road and have also removed the necessity to cross directly between parked vehicles.
Highway officials at Cardiff council have drawn up proposals for cycle lanes and junction build-outs in Albany Road, Roath.
Hidrock will provide custom build-outs for full-floor leases or subdivides and full commission to tenant brokers.
The commercial real estate market has been hot all year, which translates into high activity for the construction industry, especially in retail and office build-outs.
Additional build-outs on the top two floors comprise a private restaurant, screening room.
Other responsibilities included tenant build-outs, staffing, training, contract negations, preventative maintenance programs, budgets and tenant relations and retention.