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The build tool we created with Knight News Challenge funds allows newsrooms to experiment with serious games cheaply and easily.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (Livermore, Calif.) ROSE Compiler is a free, source-to-source compiler infrastructure that lets both compiler experts and non-experts build tools while replacing the expensive compilers of the past.
A CONSORTIUM of three Scots firms have lined up pounds 1million in funding to build tools to develop new drugs.
This introduction to the Microsoft Visual Studio Team System product demonstrates how to use the Team Foundation version control and build tools, project portal, work item tracking, and reporting services.
Also included are open source testing and build tools, tips on writing SOAP-based web services, J2EE security issues and operations, and much more.
Toolability is a measurement of how easy it is to build tools around a particular standard or technology.
Similarly, the National Science Teachers Association offers the annual Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Program where individual students in grades 2-5 and 6-8 design and build tools for practical functions.
The Build Tools and Status Features VPO can be used in two different modes: the "browse" mode and the operational mode.