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Synonyms for bugbear

Synonyms for bugbear

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for bugbear

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

an object of dread or apprehension


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In medieval England, the Bugbear was depicted as a creepy bear that lurked in the woods.
The bugbear list also included automated phone calls, skinny jeans, school paperwork and strangers touching and cooing over children.
No one is perfect - even the most glam stars suffer beauty bugbears like blemishes, bags and brittle locks.
Bosses looking for someone to blame, expecting staff to do as they are told without debate, and obstructing workers who want to contribute are among the biggest bugbears for employees.
One of her biggest bugbears, she said, was being introduced as Bertie Ahern's daughter, despite her burgeoning success as a writer.
In fact, it's far more likely to make them think about what is happening to public money at a time when litter on the streets remains one of the biggest bugbears.
We hear much about the "grey sameness of the bowels of the institution," the "teachers and trainers who work so hard to instill a professionalism that prizes correctness over authenticity and originality," and the comparative wonders of "rules-breaking, non-conformity, experimentation, and innovation." The author rails against standard modern bugbears like genetically engineered fruit and overproduced music and uses standard metaphors for corporate life, like paint-by-numbers and mask-wearing.
Nosy neighbours annoy one in two people, a survey revealed yesterday, with peeking through windows also a major bugbears.
Students Katy Evans said: "One of my biggest bugbears is that my bag has to hang behind me on my chair handles making its contents inaccessible for me and at risk of being stolen.
The sales, Christmas carol ringtones, traffic chaos and queues were the next biggest bugbears, according to a report for First Choice Holidays.
A survey by plumbing and gas technician trainers MET-UK asked people to describe their biggest bugbears. These included dirty finger marks on walls, taking personal phone calls while being paid by the hour and swearing.
During their previous gig there were a few bugbears, particularly the annoying, over-thetop, preacher-style yelling by Uncle John.
The RAC poll of 1,000 drivers found the biggest bugbears were being followed too closely (72%), being cut up by other motorists (68%) and drivers not indicating (65%).
Current bugbears are speed cameras, swingeing fuel taxes and expensive 0870 telephone numbers.
Other bugbears include touts, overcharging, packing and unpacking and waiting for bags at airports, the study for Barclays Insurance found.