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a state of Uganda and site of a former Bantu kingdom

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Medard Ssegona, the deputy information minister for Mutebi's Buganda kingdom, said that the community was ready for talks with the government but would not back down in its calls to be allowed into Kayunga.
Back in Buganda, the travelers were besieged by people wanting to hear about their experiences.
Today, traditional leaders across the continent are adapting to the new norm of civilian, multiparty politics rule; the Buganda kingdom is no exception.
A Luganda monthly newspaper with a Kiswahili edition, Sekanyolya, edited by Zefmiya Sentongo, an expatriate Buganda clerk who lived in Nairobi, published an English supplement entitled 'Indian versus Native Claims', which was considered an authentic indictment of Indians by Africans themselves.
Because this institution is outside the jurisdiction of the government, some banks are reluctant to accept land titles issued by the Buganda Land Board to grant loans.
1963 Mutesa II, ruler of Buganda, becomes the first President of Uganda.
In contrast with precolonial agrarian states such as the Buganda, Toro, or Ankole kingdoms in contemporary Uganda, their political organization was relatively egalitarian in nature, in many cases eschewing even the appointment of chiefs in favour of councils of elders, as was the case for many relatively acephalous groups in western Kenya (Sutton, 1976).
Among the topics are oikoumena as globalization: conflicts in forms of Christian life in Africa during the third and fourth centuries, conversions and revolutions in Buganda (1877-89): the clash of interpretations of conflicting phases of globalization, from victim to victor: new Christian identities in Africa and their effect on development, and towards digital divination: modes of negotiating authenticity and knowledges in indigenous African epistemologies.
Traditionally, the Kabaka (king) of Buganda, a subnational kingdom in Uganda, had reserved the area for wildlife, where he often had the pleasure of hunting expeditions, before colonialists made it a city in 1947.
The Buganda Drumbeaters is expected to end the cultural presentation on an upbeat note.
At the beginning of the last century, the king of Buganda, home of the country's largest ethnic group, handed huge tracts of land to individuals, most of them chiefs, who have since leased it to landless peasants.
Similar Luo influence is found in the Buganda Kingdom in Uganda.
Predictors of surgical site infections among patients undergoing major surgery at Buganda medical centre in northwest Tanzania.
Kampala-Kawempe via City Square, Buganda Road, Wandegeya, Mulago, Kubbiri and Bwaise (9 Km).