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a chemical substance that repels insects

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Many people are also looking into or are using natural essential oils for everyday use such as cleaning supplies, bug repellents and medicinal help.
Band-Aids, bug repellent, sunscreen, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, extra napkins, jackets and an extra blanket all ensure your time together will be comfortable and safe.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and all persons should bring proper footwear and clothing as well as pre-applied personal sun protection and bug repellent if desired.
From Cranford Manufacturing, makers of EZY[R] Climb Tree Steps, comes a new line of screw-in bow hangers and a new hanger for your ThermaCELL[R] bug repellent unit.
I took some photos, which are attached, and have now sprayed bug repellent on the tree.
Don't wear lotion that's a bug repellent and a sunscreen because:
Me: Walkman the size of a brick Josie: iPod Nano Me: On the Walkman, "Don't Stop Believin'," by Journey Josie: On the iPod, "Don't Stop Believin'," by the cast of Glee Me: Flowers in the Attic (Goth-y vaguely Victorian trashy lit) Josie: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Goth-y vaguely Victorian decent lit) Me: Asthma inhaler Josie: Asthma inhaler Me: Bug repellent with enough chemicals to defoliate a small island Josie: Hippie herbal insect repellent with organic catnip oil, organic rosemary, and organic lemongrass Me: Shabbat outfits consisting of flowered Gunne Sax dresses Josie: Shabbat outfits consisting of flowered Hanna Andersson dresses Me: armfuls of rubber Madonna "Goomie" bracelets Josie: armfuls of silicone Silly Bandz (modeled by Maxie because Josie is away at camp)
Earlier this week, a 67-year-old woman in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, became sick after eating Nissin Food's Cup Noodle and a chemical normally found in bug repellent was later detected in the soup.
Neem oil is a highly effective, non-toxic, child-safe bug repellent that can also be used on open sores and wounds.
It's the one place where travellers can buy an ice cream cone or mouthwatering chicken wings, shop for Native crafts and western apparel, stock up on bait and bug repellent, or buy a fry pan large enough to cook a 30-pound lake trout for a shore lunch.
The company's Gentle Naturals line includes Baby Eczema Cream, Eczema Baby Wash, Cradle Cap Care, Tummy Soother, Deet-Free Bug Repellent, Homeopathic Teething Drops and Earache Relief Drops.
In addition, the line includes a natural bug repellent.
Patient education about bug repellent products and bug bite prevention is essential, because bites can cause problems ranging from skin discoloration to secondary infection and--in rare cases--anaphylaxis, said Dr.
A day hiker's pack should include a hooded rain jacket, sweater, an extra pair of socks (in case your feet get wet), a camera (if you want one), sunscreen, a whistle, a small first-aid kit, bug repellent, healthy snack, and lunch like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, granola bars, trail mix, fruit and cookies, water, and a plastic bag to carry out wrappers from your snack and lunch