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Advertisement call variability in the Black-spined toad Bufo melanostictus (Anura: Bufonidae) during the breeding season in Lishui, Zhejiang, China.
Reconsidering extinction: Rediscovery of Incilius holdridgei (Anura: Bufonidae) in Costa Rica after 25 years.
Necrophagy on Rhinella ornata (Anura: Bufonidae) by the crab Trichodactylus fluviatilis (Crustacea: Trichodactylidae) in Atlantic Rainforest mountains of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil.
Other anurans living today in California include the spadefoot toads (Spea, Scaphiopus; Scaphiopodidae), tailed frog (Ascaphus; Ascaphidae), true toads (Anaxyrus, Bufo, Incilius; Bufonidae), and true frogs (Lithobates, Rana; Ranidae) (Stebbins 2003; Green et al.
(2016) Amplexos interespecificos entre dos especies simpatricas de sapos Rhinella major y Rhinella marina (Anura: Bufonidae).
Species Locality Sex n Pelobatidae Pelobates fuscus Deliblatska pescara, Hrastovaca, RS M 16 F 12 M 7 Pelobates syriacus Deliblatska pescara, Burica, RS F 14 Hylidae Hyla arborea Vir Pazar, MN M 19 F 11 Bombinatoridae M 18 Bombina variegata Prohor pcinjski, RS F 12 Bufonidae Bufotes viridis Fruska Gora, RS M 10 F 8 Ranidae Pelophylax kl.
We used standard procedures, as previously described (1), to examine muscle and viscera of 88 frogs from the study area; the frogs, which were of several sizes and species (i.e., Ranidae, Pipidae, Phrynobatrachidae, Bufonidae), were collected by local villagers and fishermen.
& BONILLA-GOMEZ, M.A., 2010.--Microhabitat partitioning between Leiuperidae and Bufonidae species (Amphibia: Anura) in tropical dry forest areas in Colombian Caribbean.
Hydrin 1 (vasotocinyl-Gly-Lys-Arg) and hydrin 1' (vasotocinyl-Gly-Lys) are synthesized in Xenopus laevis Daudin, 1802, whereas hydrin 2 (vasotocinyl-Gly) is produced in Ranidae and Bufonidae (Rouille et al., 1989; Iwamuro et al., 1993) (Fig.
Larval American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus: Bufonidae) were collected from temporary ponds in Madison County IL.